Title (as given to the record by the creator): Resources
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
5 zine pages with 3 columns of text and several rectangular display ads
Reference #: FG3-062-066-Resources
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edited by Max Airborne 


We only list things we’ve received since the last issue of FaT GiRL or things with updated contact information. For more extensive Media Feast listings, get your hands on back issues of FaT GiRL. Send us your published work (book, zine, mag, video, CD-ROM, whatevah) for listing in this section. 

Books, Mags & Zines 

Belly Songs: In celebration of fat women is a magical book of poetry & short stories by Susan Stinson. Send $9 to the author at PO Box 433, Northampton, MA 01060. 

conmocion is a magazine for Latina dykes. We were happy to find this zine and its editor, fat dyke Tatiana de la Tierra, at the OutWrite conference. Issue #1 contains an interview with Cherrie Moraga, an account of Black Latinas get­ting together at Michigan, reviews, a Latina lesbian activist’s survival guide, thoughts about suicide, poetry, a calen­dar, and much more. $13/year for indi­viduals, $23/year for orgs to 1521 Alton Rd., #336, Miami Beach, FL 33139. 

Exorcism #2 is a fat, small-sized zine in which Marva (a fat feminist) intersperses her angry, honest rants about fat, body image, and the insanity of society’s views of women with great clippings from vari­ous relevant publications, dream narra­tives, reviews, and some truly excellent poetry (even if you hate poetry!) about fat. Wow! You’ve gotta get it! Trade or $2 + 2 stamps or $3 to: Marva M. Holmes, 3209 NW Market, Seattle, WA 98107. 

Fat!So? #3. Marilyn Wann is at it again with her ziney little antics-this time, a really groovy pull-out sticker page. There’s a bumper-sized beauty of a very hefty mudflap girl and the words “wide load,” a “Fat Power” fist, “Diets are Tired,” and ‘Tm a Fat!So?,” as well as the usual cavalcade of treats: a fatso goes to Disneyland, fantastic news clips by Sondra Solovay, an interview with Patti Cathcart of Tuck & Patti, knees, the Body Mass Index of fat culture, and more! $3.50 each, or $12 for 4 issues to: Fat!So?, PO Box 423464, San Francisco, CA 94142. 

Food For Thought and Size Esteem are two small publications from Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem. One is a quar­terly newsletter, the other a bi-monthly issue-oriented bulletin. You can receive both publications for $20/year. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534. 

Get What You Want is a truly amazing comic zine by Mary & Youme who did it because “there needs to be more stuff about freaky dykes & sexwork & SM & safe sex & different body body & havin’ a good time living the dream. Living erotically. Yah.” Contains really cool drawings of dykes of all sizes. $3.50 to Mary Anderson, 418 Duboce St., San Francisco, CA 94117. 

The Hairy Legged Man-Hating Feminist Gazette isn’t kidding: “no more apologetics for male-bashing (could you PUKE?!) for female anger, for want­ing to establish MATRIARCHY, or being a feminist of any stripe … Let’s party!” Finally! Inside you’ll find The Adventures of Fat Chick and lots of rant­ing, ideas for actions, and inspiration. $6 will get you the next 4 issues. $1.50 for a sample. Any combination of cash, stamps or check (payable to HLMHFG) to: PO Box 2821, loway City, IA 52244. 

Her Posse. I love this zine!!! Allow me to quote: “Gays and lesbians do not exist – there are only queers and straights. Those known as ‘gay and lesbian people’ are essential­ly straight assholes who sleep with members of their same gender and have nothing to do with queerness except their fear and rape of it. Queers are twisted & dis­gusting, beautiful & glamorous, extreme & alive . … [Gays & lesbians] don’t exist anywhere & aren’t anything because they don’t know who they are .. .Their activism is about getting more power, $$$ and straight approval and leaves behind non-whites, S/M fetishists, fat dykes, transsexual/ transgender people, poor people, etc. … We cannot afford to settle for their bogus ‘gay & lesbian’ culture or believe their lies – it is killing us, drowning us in the pablum, and numbing us to the point of invisibility.” What more can I say? Send them your money!!! No price listed, but a buck or two should cover the cost of the zine. Her Posse, PO Box 15137, Boston, MA 02215. 

LFAN (Lesbian Fat Activist Network) has a great monthly newsletter. Recent issues have included a fantastic serialized piece by Laura Tisoncik about being a fat jock. The March issue has an extensive article on fat-positive Internet resources, as well as several reviews. To receive it for a year, send a $20 check or money order made out to Wendy Fydenkevez ($5 -$10 low income) to: LFAN, PO Box 635, Woodstock, NY 12498. 

Radiance is a 10 year-old glossy maga­zine for large womenthat contains infor­mative articles about fashion, health, famous fat folks,etc., as well as tons of ads for clothing and services for fat women. $20/year, $5/sample to PO Box 30246, Oakland, CA 94604. 

San Francisco Bay Area NAAFA puts out a monthly newsletter with news and articles about fat issues, as well as local event listings. $15/year to SF-BA NAAFA, PO Box 40298, San Francisco, CA 94140. 

The Size Diversity Empowerment Kit is available from Largesse. You get LOADS of stuff: brochures, pamphlets, fliers, sample publications, news clip­pings, resource lists to die for, and more. And if you’ve got info that should be part of the kit, by all means, send it. $10 plus $3 shipping US, $4 Canada and Mexico, $14 elsewhere (mailed First Class in US, Air Mail everywhere else). Send your dough to Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534. 

[Reviewed elsewhere in this issue: Cowrie, by Cathie Dunsford, and the Lesbian Health Guide, edited by Regan McClure and Anne Vespry.] 

[Advertisement in a square box: 
“it’s a latina lesbian thing
a latina lesbian magazine with a global revolutionary twist
activismo • erótica • identidad
Interviews • cuentos • international news
poesía • fresh commentary • lusty love letters
in spanish, inglés and spanglish
$13/year for individuals $23/year for organizations  $4/sample 
1521 Alton Rd. #336
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Dolores Claiborne. A compelling and beautifully shot (psycho)drama about the relationship between a bitter daughter, her bitter mother, and the mother’s rela­tionship with her bitter-bitch boss. Kathy Bates was born to play this role. This film features contrasting portraits of her as both a young, radiant, loving woman (who first gets the life and innocence sapped out of her by having to live with a twisted, cold­hearted husband) and as a gorgeous, weath­ered, middle-aged, stubborn ox. Talk about sublimated and understated longing-this role really got to me. All this against the background of scenic Maine in unrelenting winter and a summertime lunar eclipse. Bates as Dolores Claiborne is fat and lus­cious and multi-faceted and BRA VE and not in the least bit concerned with dieting or changing herself in any way, for that matter! What, in a Hollywood movie? Since her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Misery, Bates has the star-power to pick and choose her roles, though she’s been around for some time (anyone remem­ber her from Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean?) The strength of this character made me wet & squirmy, although I don’t think sex appeal is what the director intended; I say, get your jollies where you will, I crave the sight of strong fat women on the silver screen. The film’s “message” gets a little heavy-handed at times-need one use trite dialogue to spell out the hardships these women go through?-but it’s still a great movie, and very compelling. Especially worth it to see Bates interact with a twitchy, ever-morose Jennifer Jason Leigh. There’s also the dan­gling carrot of “just what kind of relation­ship did those two widows have over the years?” Adapted from the novel by Stephen King, directed by Taylor Hackford. 


Fat World is a 25-minute video about being fat, from a fat perspective. We haven’t seen it, but it sounds fantastic. According to New Attitude, The topics cov­ered include self-image, growing up fat, cross-cultural comparisons of attitudes, and experiences in intimate relationships. It was produced for TV by Vancouver’s Lorna Boschman. Contact her at (604) 872-8337, fax: (604) 876-1185. 

Gracious Flab, Gracious Bone is a 15-minute video by Evie Leder about Susan Stinson and her work. It has footage of Susan reading from her book Belly Songs, as well as an interview with Susan. This is an incredible video. Not only is it really well produced, but seeing Susan read is an absolutely incredible experience. Get it. Send $12 to Evie Leder, 199 Riverside Dr., Northampton, MA 01060, or call (413) 586-9012.

Masturbation Memoirs, by House o’ Chicks. What can I say? It’s worth it to see surreal slow-motion footage of a woman sprawled out in an elaborate chakra-suit, and to experience the glitter-decked thighs & glistening twat of fat whore/activist Scarlot Harlot, who also wears a stars’n’stripes outfir and refers to masturba­tion as her duty as an American patriot. Plus, an intense female-ejaculation shot that was achieved without vaginal penetration! An otherwise diverse group of mostly femme women talk frankly, in this first of a soon-to-be series, about what masturbation means to each them, and then they DO IT. Jill off, that is, in succession and by various means, if all in the “missionary” position. The camera person/editor in charge of the video special effects must clearly be either demented or over -ambitious to have envi­sioned this final product, where the mouths of the lengthy floating-head interviews in slo-time don’t quite match up with the voices on the soundtrack. I found staring into a zoom shot of a woman’s twat on a t.v. screen for five whole minutes while she dilated and contracted to be a new and meditative, if removed, kind of experience; I kept hoping The Hole would start talking, but that’s a different video. I didn’t find this video particularly informative or erotic, but Barb detected some moisture occurring over on her planet, so mileage varies. Warning: slow-moving; better viewed on pot than acid; and watch out for the disap­pearing Lee Press-On nail (ouch)! Perhaps best recommended as background camp material for parties. House o’ Chicks, 2215-R Market St., #813, San Francisco, CA 94114. 

Throwing Our Weight Around. We haven’t seen this, but the maker of it says this: “A ground-breaking docu­mentary full of witty and thought-provoking insights into Fat Liberation.” Cost: Individuals: $30, Groups/Institutions: $40 plus $5 (s/h). Payable to Sandy Dwyer, PO Box 1836, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, (617) 491-1549. 

Reviewed elsewhere in this issue: No Apologies, a video about Wry Crips. 


The Body Image Task Force is a task-ori­ented group that fights size discrimination and looksism and promotes positive body image for all sizes through events, work­shops, actions, and public speaking to raise awareness of body-image issues. They need volunteers and interns. BITF, PO Box 934, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, (408) 457-4838. 

Fat is a Lesbian Issue is a New York-based, fat-positive, anti-diet discussion group that helps queer women learn to accept their bod­ies at any size. They meet monthly to talk about food, clothing, healthcare, sex, exer­cise, self-esteem and other issues that impact fat lesbians and bi women. They meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, 208 W. 13th St., in Manhattan. For more info. call Gail and Shira at 609-924-9321. Send email to 

Fat Lip Readers Theater is a women’s per­formance collective that has been creating and performing work from a fat liberation perspective for more than a decade. To get on the  mailing list, submit work, or inquire about membership, contact Fat Lip, PO Box, 29963, Oakland, CA 94604. 

FLAB, the Fat Lesbian Action Brigade, is a New York-based activist group that fights for the visibility of fat lesbians within the queer community, the fat-acceptance movement and the world at large; works to discredit and destroy the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry that threatens our survival; and cele­brates the beauty and sexiness of fat women. See Fat is a Lesbian Issue above for meeting times and contact info. 

LFAN, the Lesbian Fat Activists Network is an affinity group for size-friendly Lesbians of all sizes. See the Media Feast listings for contact info. 

The Fat Women’s Group is based in House Wild London. Court, Write to London them at WC2B Wesley 5AU, UK.  

Internet resources 

Check out FaT GiRL’s homepage on the World Wide Web at http://www.icsi.berkeley. edu/~polack/fg. There’s a fat dyke email list (for women only): send email to fatdykes-­ with the word subscribe in the subject line, and your name and email address in the body of the mes­sage: There are a couple sex/SM-positive dyke email lists with many fat dyke participants: kinky-girls, for women who do BDSM with other women, and boychicks, for butches and their supporters. For info write to: In the message body, write: info kinky-girls or info boychicks. For general lesbian stuff there’s the sappho email list. To subscribe send email to sappho-­ There are also some fat-related (mostly het) email lists: The big­folks list (subscribe by sending email to big­ with the body of the message as SUBSCRIBE <your email address>) and the fat-acceptance list (sub­scribe by sending email to, with the words subscribe fat­-acceptance <your email address> in the body of the message). Some news groups are:,,, alt.personals.big-folks, alt.personals.fat and Folks into IRC check out the #big-folks channel on the Efnet network on Thursdays at 1 0pm EST, and on Sundays at 3pm EST. 

[Boxed Text:
Thanks to the studly women of Red Dora’s Bearded Lady for hosting the release party for FaT GiRL #2, which featured readings & performance by Bertha-the-kitchen-slut, Fresh, April, Max ‘n’ Jo, Barbarism, Candida, Daniela Yanai, & Drew. Thanks also to Deva, our stellar emcee. and to all who came and helped us partake of Aquarian birthday cake. This event helped pay off debts from #2 more quickly and print the fat bundle you’re currently holding in your own sweaty hands. We love Red Dora’s (“go for the food, stay for the pie!”).]


Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem maintains a library of archival material on fat liberation dating back to the beginnings of the fat feminist movement in the early 1970’s, as well as a computer database cata­loguing resources in dozens of categories. They invite contributions, and offer free referrals, printouts from their database, and research assistance. They are currently seek­ing records of activities and events sponsored by groups or individuals for International No Diet Day. They are asking for news clippings, newsletter and magazine articles, pho­tos (copies okay), and first-person accounts to preserve in their archives. Largesse, PO Box 9404, New Haven, CT 06534, (203) XXX-XXXX phone/fax (call weekdays between noon and 8pm ESTI, or 75773.717@ 

Let It All Hang Out Day (LIAHO) will have a float in the SF Pride Parade this June. To participate, call (415) XXX-XXXX. 

Los Angeles/Long Beach area Fat Girl rap group forming soon. Contact Solara at (310) XXX-XXXX.

Making Waves is a supportive recreational swim for women over 200 lbs, Sundays from 11 – 1 in the east bay. The first Sunday of each month is Friend Swim for women of all sizes. Swim fee is $3 – $5 sliding scale. For info. call Linda at (51 0) 524-6470. 

A Self-Defense Course for Fat Women will be happening in Seattle sometime this summer. For more info., contact Alternatives to Fear: (206) XXX-XXXX. 

South Bay fat women’s support group meets m Menlo Park at Two Sisters Books, 605 Cambridge St. It’s open to all women who are interested in working toward accep­tance of their bodies as they are. Meetings are from 7:30 – 9 pm on the following Tuesdays:  June 6 & 27, July 25, and August 1 & 22. Starting in September meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. For info call Diane, 408-XXX-XXXX

[Boxed advertisement:
Leather/SM Discipline Fetish Butch/Femme GenderBender Parties in our well-equipped San Francisco dungeon!
Monthly Calendars, Want Ads & Resource Directories Too! 
Subscriptions $20/year, PO Box XXX, San Francisco, CA. Info (415) XXX-XXXX,” 
A cartoon drawing shows two queers, one looking big and tough with shaved sides and studded bra and wristbands, grabbing the smaller one – with shaggy hair, a circle A anarchist jacket and a “mom” tattoo – by the shirt and saying to them “That’s “Mommy SIR” to you.”]


Decent Exposures 
PO Box 27206 
Seattle, WA 98125-1606 
1-800-524-4949 (US and Canada)
(206) 364-4540 in Seattle Mon-Sat 8am – 8pm PST

This company specializes in cotton bras, from sizes 28AAA to 58H. They come in cotton, cotton-lycra, double-layer cotton-­lycra, or velour. Lots of different colors,two different cuts. They’re sports-bra-type bras; no wires or hardware. I wanna order one but I haven’t yet, so I can’t vouch for the support level, but the catalog is full of quotes from women with tits bigger than mine saying they’re the best thing since the advent of the vibrator (ok, so that’s not an exact quote). Bras (they call them ‘un-bras’) are $21 – $46, depending on size and fabric. They also sell leggings, turtlenecks, and t-shirts in sizes infant to 4X, cotton velcro-on menstrual pads, and some other stuff. -Selena 

Desert Rain Mercantile Co. 
4705 N.Sanders Rd. 
Tucson, AZ 85743 

This small, specialized catalog has large-sized t-shirts and pant sets custom-printed with ornate glittery Native American and south­ western designs. They also sell “blanks”­undecorated versions of the shirts and sweat­pants-and handmade silver jewelry. Pant sets come in two sizes: A, for chests 36″-44″, waists 28″-38″; and B, for chests 46″-54″, waists 38″-54”. T-shirts come up to size 5X (60″ chest), sweatshirts up to 4X (58″ chest). Prices: T-shirts $24, sweatshirts $36, Pant sets $48, blank pant sets $26. -Selena 

Greedy Dyke Productions 
2400 Rio Grande NW, # 1-110 Albuquerque, NM 87104 
(505) 345-8739

Dildo harnesses that actually stand a chance of fitting you! Two styles: one strap between your legs ($20) or two straps between and around your legs ($24). The straps are made of cotton webbing with a black denim/silk front panel that fits a 1 1/2″ dildo (that’s the diameter). The one-scrapper also comes in a garter belt version made of cotton bro­cade ($30)! There are two sizes: one for hips below 55″, the other for hips above 55″. And for $ 16, velcro restraints suitable for wrists OR ankles! -Max 

J.C.Penney Big & Extra Tall Catalog (men’s)
PO Box 2021 
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2021 

Your basic normal department-store men’s clothes. Sizes: waists up to 60″., chests up to 64″, necks to 21 “. Max got some excellent quality thick white t-shirts, Big Mac overalls, coveralls, and a flannel from here and is VERY satisfied. Good stuff for the butch on the go! -Selena 

J.C.Penney Big Kids
cool clothing in larger sizes same contact info as above 

Basic, mainstream kid’s clothes, mostly casu­al, at least in the spring/summer catalog. Most of the models in this catalog, especially the girls, don’t really look fat, ‘big’, ‘plus’ or ‘husky’ to me. Ah, well. Sizes: Girls, from 10 1/2 (for bust 31″, waist 28″, hips 33″, ht. 54″) to 20 1/2 (40″, 35″, 43″, ht 65″). Boys, from 8 (29″chest, 26″waist, 29″ seat) to 22 (40″,33″,41″) in ‘husky’ or ‘shorter husky’. Prices $10-$50. -Selena 

J. Jill Ltd
Winterbrook Way 
Meredith, NH 03253-3006 

This catalog says it has “uncomplicated style.” I guess that’s reasonable enough. Mainstream, tasteful, reasonably fashionable women’s clothes. A lot like a lot of other women’s clothing catalogs. Sizes up to 24W (50″, 42″, 53″), but not everything comes in the larger sizes. Prices: tops and skins $40-$80, dresses $70-$160. Definitely out of my price range. -Selena 

Just My Size 
PO Box 748 
Rural Hall, NC 27098 

I was pleasantly surprised by this catalog – ­lots of natural fibers, nice colors, and clothes I would consider wearing! They have a nice balance of casual and dressy clothes (to sizes 4X and 32), lingerie (bras to 50 DDD or F), stockings (including rhi h-hi’s!), and panty­hose to size 7X (75”-85” hips). Better yet, they list sizes–in inches–on almost every­thing! -April 

King Size 
for tall & big men 
PO Box 9115 
Hingham, MA 02043 

The same style of clothing as the JC Penney catalog, in general. You know, mainstream guy clothes, some nice, some dorky. A little more upscale than J.C.’s, perhaps, and more specialized. Almost everything comes in sizes up to 4XL (62 chest, 58 waist), and some clothes come in sizes to 9X (80 ch, 76 w). -Selena (Says Max: wow! They’ve got Levi’s up to waist 60, cotton and silk boxers up to 7X, rain pants up to 8X!!! )

Lady Grace Intimate Apparel 
61 Exchange Street 
PO Box 128 
Malden, MA 02148 

This catalog is a real find for fat girls of vari­ous body sizes. They have all sorts of bras (including maternity and athletic styles), bustiers, panties and some really kinky gir­dles (which unfortunately don’t come in my 82″ hip size). Sizes are pretty good though. They size their panties and girdles from small (25″-26″ waist, 35″-36″ hips) to 9XL (47″-48″ waist, 57″-58″ hip), and their bras include styles with cup sizes to H and band widths to 52. Not all the styles come in all the sizes, but I think you’ll find chis catalog worth getting. -April 

“famous for first quality hosiery” 
400 National Blvd. 
Lexington, NC 27294 
(704) 249-4202

Mentioned here for their queen-size pantyhose and stockings, including one style that fits folks with hips up to 75 inches. $2.50 to $5.00 a pair. -Selena 

Pango Pango Swimwear 
1905 E. Atlantic Boulevard 
Pompano Beach, FL 33060-6562 
(305) 786-0255

A great source for really skimpy, really sleazy swimsuits, mostly biki­nis. I’d call the look ‘Trashy southern straight girl.” They have cup sizes from M to F and custom make the bra band to your measure­ments. The bottoms only come to an XXL (45″ – 47″ hips) but with suits this skimpy I doubt it matters. All pieces are interchange­able, all styles are available in 11 fabrics, they custom-make all their one piece suits and do special requests, and sequins are available on all styles! If anyone is brave enough to order, please let us know how it goes! -April  

[Boxed text:
The Rainy Day Harness 

In honor of expanding their fashions to fit slightly bigger women, Stormy Leather donat­ed a bunch of assorted 1 x leather and rubber fetish clothes and various accessories to FaT GiRL, ever on the prowl for sex toys and fashions and other fantasy materials. The Rainy Day Harness is an amazing piece of equipment that anyone can use, but it’s par­ticularly handy for fat women. Why? Because you can strap your dick to most anything or anyone that allows! It’s a sturdy, washable nylon and velcro gizmo with a rubber cockring and 50-inch canvas straps that can be easily extended, and will tighten around most anything that your imagination or libido desires. We accompanied Syndee, Queen of Catalogues, to Good Vibes on her last trip out here, and she was considering a thigh harness, but was concerned that perhaps it wouldn’t be big enough. No worry with this thing! It’s probably the most versatile use of 15 bucks I can think of. Why, just for authenticity’s sake, I’m testing it out on my desk chair right now’ [You think I’m kid­ding, don’t you?] Why wait for a rainy day? Strap it to your cheeks and bump butts with a receptive friend. Doubles as a useful bondage toy if you strap it to two legs together (any two legs will do). Use that immobile piece of furniture for all it’s worth. Strap it to your chair, to your coffee-table, to your toilet seat. Wrap it around your lover’s forearm so you can ride her while she diddles your butt-hole and strokes your clit with her tongue …. strap it to your belly, or your forehead if you want. Especially handy for girls with wheelchairs or motorcycles! Riding through the desert, or on a street crowded with surly women in tank tops dripping sweat in the summer heat, who pause to look at you as you rock at stoplights, clenching the bike and the woman driving it between your knees. If you’re the shy type who prefers to dispense with the small talk, strap it over your mouth as a gag and let your hot bitch neighbor friend ride your face between her fleshy thighs … excuse me, gotta go. -Candida]

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Vibrators, dildos, lubes, massage oils, feathers. zines, restraints, harnesses, anal toys, art books, comix, informational books, vid­eos, dental dams, latex gloves, safe sex info, porn & smut. 
1210 Valencia (at 23rd St.) 
San Francisco, CA 94110 
Open 11 – 7, 7 days a week 
(415) 974-8980”
A drawing of a femme in a black dress holding her hands to her belly and leaning her head back in pleasure.]

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“The Servant’s Quarters: “a journal dedicated to the art of submission” 
To subscribe, send an 18+ age statement, and $4 per copy or $14 per year. 
Please make checks payable to 
Six of the Best Publishing 
PO Box 11724 
Berkeley, CA 94712”]

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“STORMY LEATHER: We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary with a line of luscious larger size fashions! Check out our newly remodeled store too-­more space, more fun and more sizes! 
The X-Lusty Collection 
Sizes XL-4X
1158 Howard St. (7th & 8th) SF,CA 94103 626-1672 
M-TH 12-6 FR/SA 12-7 SU 2-6. A woman-owned co.”
A photograph of a woman in black, femme fetish wear.]