Poetry: Three Inches

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Three Inches
Date(s) of creation: June 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Syndee Branton, Fat Girl
Physical description:
Part of a zine page with text in black and white.
Reference #:  FG3-009-Poem
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Three Inches 

syndee branton 1995 

three inches and life will be better, new worlds will open up for the taking 

three inches and the fucking voice in the back of my mind might shut up 

three inches and I’ll be sexy, attract lovers, a full-blown sexual threat 

three inches and I can dress for success, climb the corporate ladder, 

be everything I’m supposed to be 

three inches and I can swallow this lie again and believe it 

They call it dying by inches 

I do it all the time