Personals and Classifieds

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Personals & Classifieds
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A zine page. The text is broken up in 3 columns with titles for each personal in big bold text. In the middle there is a photo.
Reference #: FG3-068
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Image Description:  Photo of a fat light skinned person with septum and nose piercings. They are wearing a lacy lingerie top, a flannel, bracelet cuffs and rings. Their hand is on the side of their face which is tilted down at the camera. They are holding a sign on a piece of paper in front of their chest which reads “Dear Fat Girl Personals.”

HISPANIC LADY 43, 250, full large belly, very hairy between my large thighs, shy at first, but very dominant in personal life. Seeking skinny, compliant, faithful wife for laughter, lust, commitment. Must enjoy music, reading, homelife; be honest and financially secure; and enjoy being told what to do and how to do it, just to please your lover. Denver area. FaT GIRL Box 14. 

NICE GIRL WANTS TO GET LAID! Garden-variety vanilla dyke looking for a friendly fuck. I’m cute, funny, affectionate and really horny, and would love a casual fling with another nice girl. No strings attached, but I still think casual sex can be sweet and tender. Safe sex only. Want to play? Write to me at… Fat GIRL Box 15. 

I LOVE TO LAUGH All too serious, cynical, gentle, stubborn, loving, domestic, butch survivor seeking new sources of laughter and intensity. Sense of humor, a good heart, and strong emotional presence absolutely required. All else negotiable. FAT GIRL Box 17 

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BIG, BEAUTIFUL BLOND with blue eyes and a heart the size of Texas, I may be your woman. I’m 42, a Libra, into New Age music, the mother of two equally beautiful daughters (15 and 12), and live in the heartland of America. I’m interested in corresponding with women who are balanced, fun-loving, and open. I’m not necessarily looking for a relationship at this time, but I’m open to the possibility that Ms. Right is out there. My special someone will love children, be willing to relocate, financially independent, great in bed, and willing to accept all the love, nurturing, and support that I have to offer. I don’t smoke/drink, am not chemically or co-dependent, or soured by too many “loves gone wrong,” Would like to some day find someone to spend my life with. I sing, play guitar, write trashy dyke fiction, and love life. Movies, making love, horses, Native American spirituality are passions of mine but not necessarily in that order. Need someone who respects a relationship, wants monogamy, is willing to compromise and tired of playing games. I have a lot to offer that special some one. Are you out there? FAT GIRL Box 18 

KINKY BOOKWORM Young, eccentric, bi butch and insatiable reader seeks same and/or somewhat different for friendship and play. Chicago area preferred, but will correspond via letters or email as well. Offbeat sense of humor a plus! FaT GIRL Box 16 

BI WOMAN IN PORTLAND, OREGON Supersized with big belly and butt (the breasts aren’t small either!). My hair is brown, my eyes are blue, I’m 5’5” and in my early 40s. I’d like to meet a fat-loving bi woman in my area for friendship, love and lust. I like women age 25-50, 150-300 lbs. of any race. Please be honest, intelligent, funny, loving and adventuresome. I’m a bit shy at first, be gentle with me, but I warm up quickly. I love to dance slowly to good music with the right woman. FAT GIRL Box 19 

YES, THIS IS A PERSONAL AD So I said yeah I am looking for a relationship even though I knew the R word was the kiss of death at that stage of a hot new flirtation and damn if she wasn’t cute too just the kind of smart funny butch solid and sure gets me dis tracted all day at work sleepy eyed visions of her hand smacking my tongue in her solid fist between my and her eyes on me her eyes rolling back as my teeth bite down on her but see that’s the thing it’s the eyes the intent volumes communicated words made real or exposed as lies and I will never again I mean why at this point when I finally know so then I thought well she’s hot but she’s not the only butch in the city who likes big femmes can see the lust and the love make me wet with a look is she and one of them will stick around for a while. FAT GIRL Box 20 

BABY GIRL WANTS 5’10” teddy bear? 5’8” teddy bear? 5’6” teddy bear? Well that’s as far down as I’ll go. Down there? ...Daddy!!! FAT GIRL Box 21 

TO ADVERTISE: Send your headline, text, name, address, phone #, and a check for $5.00 for the first 500 characters + 1 cent per character for each additional character to Fat GIRL, 2215-R Market St#193, San Francisco, CA 94114, 

TO REPLY: Pencil your dream girl’s box # on the front of a stamped envelope containing your reply. Enclose that envelope in another one and send it to Fat GIRL Personals at the above address. We will continue to forward replies to all ads until further notice. 

RULES: FAT GIRL Personals are for fat dykes and the women who want them. This description is intended to include bisexual and MTF transgendered women. It does not include men. Fat GIRL is a fat-positive, diversity-positive zine. Please keep that in mind when writing your ad. We do not accept ads with personal names or street addresses. We reserve the right to refuse to print ads we find offensive. 



HOUSESITTER/COMPANION Warm, caring responsible lesbian. Companion — cook, shop, laundry, light housekeeping. Housesitter — will care for home, pets, plants. Refs. Contact Toni @ (408) 462-4432, PO Box 2968, Santa Cruz, CA 95063. SF Bay area. 


LOOK NO FURTHER! 46 year old lesbian, going back to school, relocating to SF, looking for affordable housing. Humor essential, ND, NS. Contact Toni @ (408) 462-4432, PO Box 2968, Santa Cruz, CA 95063.