Fat Girl #3 is…

Title: Fat Girl #3 is…
Date(s) of creation: Issue 3: June 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description: Black and white scan of Page 1, the table of contents, of Issue 3 of FaT GiRL. It includes typed text, one drawing, and one photograph. 
Reference #: FG3-001
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[Image Description:] A drawing of a fat girl looking out a window. The window frames her face and tattooed hands, which sit over the windowsill. She has short, shaggy dark hair, cat eye glasses, a wide nose, and luscious big lips. Her knuckle tattoos read across her fingers: FAT GIRL.

Fat Girl 3 is…

Advice & Resources

Bios p.67

Breakfast in Bed. Bertha the Kitchen Slut p.51

Fat and Healthy: health issues column. Lori Ann Selke p.8

Fat Watch: news from the fat front p.60

Resources: books, mags, zines, movies, videos, organizations, internet, announcements & catalogs p.62

Personals & Classifieds p.68

Tips for dating fat girls. Gear Queen p.49


Fat Girl Fantasy #66. Sondra Solo p.60

The Adventures of Fat Chick. Laura Winton p.54

Things to do on a rainy day. Max Airborne p.5

True tales from life in the Fat Lane. Max Airborne p.48

Chewing the Fat

Dorothy Allison interviewed by Barbarism p.10

Editorial p.6

Fat & Thin together. Tristan and Dana p.26

Racism and Fat Hatred. Roundtable p.42

Reader Surveys:

Photos & Art

Breast Plates. Seattle’s Sisters of Size p.50

Crystal, Wild Pig of the Desert. Laura Johnston p.18

Amazon. Karen Stimson p.59

Val & Steph. Rebeccah S. p.52

Women I’d like to meet. Max p.25


Three Inches. Syndee Branton p.9

Rants & Raves

A word to our “concerned” sisters. Lea E. Arellano p.56

April Miller, TORCHSINGER p.16

Fat, Fucked Up & Fucked Over. Charlotte Cooper p.57

FAT GIRLS. Betty R. Dudley p.29

Letters p.2

Lip Service? Candida p.7

Who’s Fat Anyway? The Other Side of Fat. Oso p.26


Cowrie. Barbarism p.24

Extra! Extra!! Thousands of fat dyke videos at the 1995 SF Queer Film Fest! Barbarism p.7

No Apologies. Barbarism p.23

The Lesbian Health Guide. M .G. Cimino and Sondra Solo p.9

The rainy day harness. Candida p.65


An Interesting Discovery. Lila R p.17

BIG FUN. Amiee Ross p.37

Fat Girls on the Big Island. Christine p.22

[Image description] This is a black and white photograph of sexy bed scene. A big white, bare ass faces the camera, underpants pulled down around fat thighs. Their upper body, clad in gay plaid, leans forward over a lover. Underneath, we see an arm and a leg reaching out and around the big body, wide hand on bare ass, bare leg and big black leather boot in the foreground.]