Title (as given to the record by the creator):  EXTRA! EXTRA!! THOUSANDS OF FAT DYKE VIDEOS AT THE 1995 SF QUEER FILM FEST!
Date(s) of creation: June 1995
Creator / author / publisher:  Barbarism, Fat Girl
Physical description:
The bottom half of a zine page with text in black and white.
Reference #:  FG3-007-Extra
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Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s sort of true … FaT  GiRL is sponsoring a film/video showing on “Lesbian Body Politics” Saturday June 17 at 2:00 pm at the Victoria Theater (16th and Mission)—not to be missed! Curated by the fabulous Junkyard, this showing of six shorts weighs heavy in the fat dyke area—four being about queer, fat, and women. The fact that all the videos are not “the fat dyke flicks that I have been waiting for my whole life” is because these haven’t been made yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from coming to the fest to enjoy the creative work that has been offered. 

And while I’m on the topic of should: all of you faboo fat dykes who are making videos and talking about making videos, get cracking! The 1996 Film fest is only a year away—­much too long for all of us to wait! It frustrates me that we couldn’t have an all fat dyke video/film fest to devour!!! 

(Although the non-fat dyke videos in this showing are tremen­dously important pieces of video about radical body politics.) Here’s the lineup: 

The Top Pig by Angela Holtschmidt, 1994, Germany. A sophisti­cated animation of a fat dancing burlesque pig who manipu­lates her copious flesh into a traditional femme diva shape-a painful transformation. This short is very sharp, both ironic and provocative. 

Gracious Flab/Gracious Bone by Evie Leder, 1995, US. A rhyth­mic and sensual piece about the work of fat dyke author Susan Stinson. Stinson reads (really performs) her work from both Belly Songs and Fat Girl Dances with Rocks. Interspersed with Stinson’s radical fat dyke vision of what she does as an author and a poet, this video manages to capture the power and nuances of Stinson’s work. 

Fat Chance by Anne Goden, 1994, Canada. (With an alternative video industrial feel) this video is about a fat dyke loving her body-]—surrounded by food, her lover, her thoughts on her mother—it worked for me. Her sense of self is distinct and refreshing. Full of yummy moments of fat dyke flesh being groped by a hungry lover … fat tummy being ravaged … fat dyke being fed by lover … fat sexually aggressive dyke on a movie screen! I want more! 

Big Fat Slenderella by Lorna Boschman, 1993, Canada. This video has that documentary feel—with a twist. Varied fat peo­ple talking about their experiences with their bodies, dieting, and the dieting industry, the twist being a very distracting background to all the speakers: artsy shots of nature—mostly of the ocean and aquatic animals—that compete with and frustrate what is being said. The fat images are constrained into a small space for a final point of how we should be fol­lowing our natural rhythms and self. This definitely needed better integration. Worth it for the interviews and the high points of anti-diet industry commercials, and a glorious fat woman smashing a scale to itsy bits with the mean swing of a sledge hammer. Get down! 

Plus the following radical lesbian body politics pieces (which I haven’t seen): Risk: Lesbians & AIDS, Breast Exam, Madonna in Me, and I Remember Running. Tickets are $5.00 and are available through BASS Ticket outlets. 

Finally, IMPORTANT KUDOS to Frameline staffer Junkyard for making this happen! On top of providing a showing of radical lesbian body politics she is working on FAT DYKE ACCESSIBILITY TO THE FILM FESTIVAL THEATERS ­demanding that the CASTRO AND VICTORIA THEATER HAVE FAT SEATING UPON REQUEST. Call Frameline for further info at (415) 703-8650; (for nerds check out http:/ /www.frameline.org/). Or call the House Manager at the Victoria Theater at (415) 863-7576, or the Castro Theater at (415) 621-6350. —Barbarism.