Fat hatred won’t die by itself. It needs help from you.

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Fat hatred won’t die by itself. It needs help from you.
Date(s) of creation:  June, 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A zine page with 3 columns of text and photos of products in bottles.
Reference #: FG3-069
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Fat hatred won’t die by itself. 

It needs help from you. 


These “special ingredients” are just what you may need in some “special situations”. Manufactured under contract by USU Laboratories to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, these products are now available for non-governmental sale for the first time. Use only with utmost discretion. 

[image description: each of the 12 listings below is paired with a small photograph of a bottle labeled with the name of the item listed.]


There are hundreds of uses for these movie-quality blood cap­sules. The simple fact is that no­body wants contact with blood today. Simply pop a capsule in your mouth and tell the nice po­liceman that you’re rushing to the dentist. Or if you need to make a hasty retreat from a restaurant, you could get cut on some ‘·glass” in your food. Sl-2 …. Blood Capsules …… $9 


You can get satisfaction without messy face-to-face confrontations by deploying this sneezing pow­der. Use the mini-tube launcher to dust your mark’s office. car, or Kleenex® with powder. As soon as he starts moving around, the pow­der goes airborne and the effects begin. SI-4 … Sneezing Powder …. $9 


Just empty this nasty little vial into a drink. First, the unfortunate drinker begins to feel queasy. Then comes the projection vomiting. Warning: not to be used on others without their consent. Sl-1 …. Vomit Fluid …. $9 


Don’t get this vial of concen­trated discomfort on you! It itches, it stings, it burns. It’s like thousands of fire ants biting you all at once. The only good news about it is that it eventu­ally stops. For external use only. Warning: not to be used on oth­ers without their consent. S1-6 … Hellfire & Brimstone … $9 


Empty this little vial into a hot drink or hot food, wait about 10 minutes, and stand back! The natu­ral herb in this elixir will cause major “natural gas” explosions every few seconds. No matter how hard your mark tries to hold back, there’s no stopping these embar­rassing eruptions. Warning: do not use near open flame; do not use on others without their consent. S1-5 …….. Green Gas ……… $9 


The “Evacuator” is made from a unique natural bark which is ground into a fine powder. When mixed with food or liquid, it will cause total uncontrollable “evacuation.” Via the natural route. Stand CLEAR! Warning: not to be used on others without their consent. SI-11 ……. Evacuator ……. $11


This quiet little can fits in the palm of your hand. Just move in within a foot behind your mark and give his clothing a 3-second burst. After a minute’s delay, this clinging spray will reach its full potency. No matter how hard he tries to fan the smell away, everyone around him will think something crawled up inside him and died. Not shippable by Air. SI-9 …. Un-Natural Gas …. $13


This stuff has an insatiable appetite for automobile paint. It eats everything it touches, right down to the bare metal. Once it hits bottom, it then starts spread­ing and devouring even more paint. Comes complete with mini-syringe ap­plicator. Use only with extreme discre­tion. Sl-7 … Liquid Key-Scratch … $11 


These stink bombs are the ulrimate “passive-aggressive” device. Someone illegally parked in a handicap zone? Rude behavior or bad service at a place of business? Leave an appropriate gift that keeps on giving for days. S1-3 ……. Stink Bomb …….. $9 


Just remove the micro syringe applicator from the bottle. select your target lock. and then inject the bottle’s contents into the lock. One injection is all it takes to permanently render the lock inoperable. From car locks to house locks to padlocks, they’re finished. Deploy only with extreme discretion. SI-8 …. Lock-Out Drops …. $11 


When the amazing Liquid Night­mare meets up with liquid, it takes on a life of its own. It quickly begins to convert the liquid into a mass of sticky blob-like gel material. The potential uses are limited only by your imagination and deviancy, but keep the cap on tight. because these nasty little crystals can lead to every­thing from very sticky plumbing situations to distressed goldfish owners. Works on water-based liquids. S1-12. Liquid Nightmare ….. $9 


The BLOB is similar to Liquid Nightmare. except that it works on petroleum-based liquids, such as gasoline or oil. Warning: Keep this stuff away from your gas tank or engine oil unless you plan on walking.  SI-13 … TheBLOB … $11

We found these items and more in Shomer-Tec’s catalog of law-enforcement and military equipment. Contact Shomer-Tec at (360) 733-6214.

FaT GiRL does not endorse these products or their illegal use.