Title (as given to the record by the creator): Contributors
Date(s) of creation: Issue 5: April 1996
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
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 a zine page with 3 columns of text
Reference #: FG5-067-Bios
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Miss April Miller has no life, she has a magazine. If you would like to help Miss April Miller have a life please buy lots and lots of ‘zines. Then we can start to pay ourselves and she won’t have to have a job, a sink full of dirty dishes, and FaT GiRL 

Bertha: redhead, big tits, talented hands, Brooklyn 

C.C. Dane lives in a studio apartment in New York with her dear friend Pam, where they share space with a somewhat mean spirited, sizable, “touched” cat named Pumpkin (a.k.a. Pumpy). Catherine is an aspiring writer and director, among other things … She has just recently begun discovering the joys of writing about fat dykes.

Charlotte Cooper lives at [redacted] , UK. She loves wayward women, americana, gossip, fat politics, cartoons, and travelling to foreign countries. Drop her a line if you can combine any of these things. 

Christine is a 6 foot 2 inch girl who lives in SF. She wants to go watch the lava flow in Hawaii, but she has to work. Yesterday a woman on the street said to her, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you wear size 2X underwear?”(true story) 

Daisy Fields is the name of an aspiring writer and cultural nomad. Born in Texas in 1961 of Chinese and Korean parents, raised in California in a culturally Hispanic household, a former future English major who speaks 2 1/8 languages (English, Spanish & French), writes in 3 (see above). Lives in Los Angeles and makes the world’s greatest BBQ. 

Hannah R.T.: 235 or so pounds according to the public scale at my work. usually happy with the power inherent in my size. still usually too shy about it to use the public scale at my work until sometime around midnight. commited to a large butch woman, and have been for several years.  a poet/novelist/screenplay writer/cashier. a night person, a loud person. a dyke activist and very out. blessed with good family. a pagan. getting bored with writing about myself. finished with my small bio. 

Laura “Floyd” Johnston believes she was left here as a newborn by aliens to observe and document certain Earth customs which her “people” find interesting. Until she is picked up and brought back to the planet of the cat people, she is looking for a patroness of the artist, so she can quit her day job and gain more “hands on” experience to relay to her progenitors. (In other words, she’s a GEEK!) 

Laurie Avocado: Laurie enjoys herself behind as well as in front of a camera. She wants to be photographed naked with all the public sculptures in Los Angeles. She also wants to stay out of jail. 

Lea E. Arellano: Desert Chicana dyke, lover of all women of all sizes and abilities 

Pandoura: Hi, my name is Pandoura and I wear my big pink fuzzy slippers with my leathers. Any questions? 

Lori Ann Selke is a big, bi, butch and unemployed leatherperson currently living in Chicago. Her work can also be seen in Black Sheets and the forthcoming The Second Coming. She’s sweet and quiet and demure. Really Honest. 

M. G. Cimino hates writing bios.

Margaret: I love chocolate, of course, and nineteenth century “ladies” novels, especially the ones with lots of pathos and “moral tone.” I cook great eggplant and tomato curry and pakoras, and sometimes write very bad poetry, limericks or haiku even, on ambiguous looking postcards and send it to people who aren’t expecting it, (usually for no reason at all). 

Margo Mercedes Rivera is a fat, mixed race butch of Peruvian and white Jewish heritage. She wishes to thank the divine Ms. Elizabeth Summers, teacher extraordinaire, of the Audre Lorde writing workshops for lesbians of color. She is grateful to Dasele, her beloved vybele, for absolutely EVERY THING. 

Max Airborne is a fat dyke who doesn’t know how to squeeze her 30 years of life into one paragraph. 

Selena eats, drinks, sleeps and reads, and doesn’t do vanilla 

Sondra Solo: By day, she battles Gap wearing law school losers. By night, she’s doing stuff that would make them gasp. 

Susannah designs pages and clothing, hailing from Baltimore; land of Divine, Edie the Egg Lady, and caddies on saltine crackers. 

Oso is anxiously awaiting the return of Mrs. Elizabeth Stark but in the meantime Sam & Rebel are keeping him very busy with all their crazy demands. 

wolfie is a pagan priest, hippie anarchist, welfare mother, living in Oakland with dreams of opening a temple/dungeon in Oregon sometime in the next five years. When pressed, she identifies politically as a drag queen leatherdyke separatist. She prefers to call her followers devotees rather then slaves, because they have to be seriously devoted to put up with her, especially during her bouts with fibromyalgia. 

And also…
Beth P
Maxbear Finkelstein
JJ Cooley 
Yodel Sloth 
eM Robinson 

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[upside down text: Your fat, wet, juicy, creamy, delicious cunt rules.]