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FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

FaT GiRL #6 Cover

Cover of FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Fat & Bi

“Here are some of the notes I’ve made about the similarities between being fat and bi. I don’t pre­tend that what follows is a definitive statement, I just want to get the ball rolling, and I hope that others will develop and debate some of these ideas. ” Charlotte Cooper from Fat GiRL #6, August, 1996

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Charlotte of the Dunes

Charlotte Cooper poses at the beach. Photos by Susannah.

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996


Contribor bios, FaT GiRL 6.

You Can’t Say That!

Charlotte Cooper on the censorship of her book, “Fat & Proud.”

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FaT GiRL #5 Contents

Table of contents for FaT GiRL #5

No One’s Getting Fat Except Mama Cass

Charlotte Cooper on fat role models.


Contributors to issue #5.

fat, fucked up & fucked over

by Charlotte Cooper

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Contributors to FaT GiRL #3.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Rant: Is Radical Lesbian Feminism the Only Radical Approach?

Charlotte Cooper looks for a radical fat politics that includes people who aren’t lesbians.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Who are all these babes, anyway? 

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