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Contributor Bios

Jukie Sunshine has been making kissy faces at herself in the mirror since she was three years old. She was the fat kid that liked to ham it up, onstage and off, and was always being sent home with a note from the teacher for disrupting class. Years later, she found her calling as a sex-posi­tive, size-positive educator and glamour girl of stage and screen. Now all the notes she gets sent home with are from admirers. 

Cherry Midnight is a femme-side-of-­queer, goth-side-of-punk, switch-side­-of-top, fat chick who loves and does not eat animals. She has danced with Big Burlesque, beaten many a corporate vil­lain, and, come to think of it, she’s beaten several loved ones who asked nicely, too. She adores her sweet boy. 

Susan Stinson‘s third novel, Venus of Chalk, is a Lambda Literary and Benja­min Franklin award finalist. Her previous books are Martha Moody, Fat Girl Dances with Rocks, and Belly Songs. Though her work has been widely recognized, Charlotte Cooper still calls her “the most criminally underrated dyke novelist in the world.” Find her online at 

Allyson Mitchell is a maximalist artist living in Toronto Canada. She is a co-founder of the fat activist/performance group Pretty Porky and Pissed Off. She has produced 22 films and videos. Mitch­ell is currently completing her dissertation and she teaches feminist activism at York University. Look for her upcoming solo exhibition “Lady Sasquatch” at Paul Petro Contemporary Art in September 2005. 

Papi D is a big ass bi-racial Genderqueer Butch from the SF Bay Area who has a weakness for sparkly fat femmes and close shaves. Papi D can be reached at papi_ 

Zhaddi has been writing erotic fiction for nearly ten years. Her writing has ap­peared in publications including Libido and Growing Pains, and she co-facilitated an erotica writing course through U.C. Berkeley’s Women’s Studies department while she was a student there. She cur­rently lives in the S.F. Bay Area with her spouse and pet lizard. 

Leah Strock is a queer fat femme bottom as well as a Nurse Practitioner from NYC. She has been on the board of NOLOSE and spends much of her time trying to convince people how to advocate for themselves in their medical care. One of her biggest accomplishments was doing a size-sensitivity training for a health-care community center in NYC — you think trying to tell doctors not to give lectures to people about their weight is easy???? 

Lori S is not a size queen, but some­times it’s fun to pretend. Her work has appeared in the pages of Curve and Girl­friends magazines, as well as anthologies such as Blowing Kisses, Glamour Girls, Homewrecker, and Bottoms Up! 

Cholla is a big fat happy brilliant tattooed pervert mestiza dyke witch with a bad leg and a good heart. She is a professor at a small Catholic college in the Bay Area, where she lives with her adopted family. In her spare time she makes trouble and demi-glace. Although most of her writing is technical these days, she is a storyteller at heart. You can read her work in Size Queen and Witch Eye

Alison Nowak is an illustrator and writer. She resides in Minneapolis, MN. She likes drawing angry cats, spending recklessly, and drinking cold beverages. She is cur­rently working on a book about living well on little money. Check out more of her work at 

Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss is queer, mixed & creative.­caJew 

Charlotte Cooper lives in the East End of London. She’s a writerjoumalistau­thorzine-monkey and part-time corporate whore. Charlotte is an associate editor of Cheap Date magazine and boss bitch of The Chubsters, a vicious girl gang. She wrote Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size and Cherry. Check out www.Charlotte­ 

Joe Samson is a tasty Canadian Tranny­boy who has been in the life, in service to his Mistress, for 7+ years. He is a switch who enjoys, among other things, being flipped, top-to-bottom. Joe believes in the power of language: to arouse, to stimulate, to transform our physical bodies/boundaries, to reconfigure our communities, to terrify and comfort us both. He enjoys writing, photography, flirting and playing catch. 

Sondra Solovay is activist/lawyer/writer/ diversity trainer/performance artist. She is the author of Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight Based Discrimination and her new essay appears in Scoot Over Skinny: The Fat Nonfiction Anthology. She is an Adjunct Professor at New Col­lege of California School of Law. 

Olivia E is a print/textile designer, illustrator, painter living in the big juicy apple. She is an artjock and loves creat­ing monster size sketchbooks documenting her travels in the U.S, Europe and Asia. She is fueled by red bean ice cream and chai, committed to rocking the boat one little pen mark at a time. 

Max Airborne loves you. 

Nomy Lamm rocks. 

We like Christine. She’s a sexy, talented writer. Too bad she didn’t write a bio. 

Fish can be found somewhere on earth poking someone with sharp inky things. 

Elena T works very very hard. 

Tina Arroyo is the sweetest pea ever. 

Maxbear Finkelstein writes sexy stories. 

Size Queen award to Judy Freespirit for her gift of community activism.