Size Queen Cover

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Size Queen Cover
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Size Queen
Physical description:
The cover page of a zine.
Reference #: SizeQueen-Cover
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[page description: a black background with a large photo slightly off center and a blue banner across the top that says, “Size Queen.” The photo is a fat white queen standing with the San Francisco bay stretched out behind her. She holds a large, old, ornate, brown wooden frame askew in both hands. Inside the frame is her body from the waist up, her blue patterned corset, her bare white breasts, shoulders and tattooed arms in the sun,  her windblown auburn hair, silvery tiara and complementary necklace. Beneath the frame is her big blue slightly poofy skirt and some waist-high green plants. The bay is dotted with sailboats and a cloud later separates the blue sky from the hills on the horizon. At the top of the photo are the words: “for queen size queers and our loyal subjects.” On the left in white type: art, smut, comix, politics, community, trading cards.” On the right: “nomy lamm, lori s, max airborne, marilyn wann, sondra solovay, charlotte cooper.” At the bottom: “dykes fags trannies queens queers kings others 3rd gender no gender fuck gender ladies lesbos bears cubs allies boys girls bois grrrls butches.”]