Why Size Queen?

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Why Size Queen?
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Size Queen
Physical description:
Two pages of a zine, black with white text and some color photos
Reference #: SizeQueen-02-03-WhySQ
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Size Queen:

Because we are fucking gorgeous; Because weight loss tyranny effects all queers; Because body hatred is a crime against Nature; Because we are worthwhile; Because we are not satisfied; Because we can envision a world without racism, without hate; Because we want equal civil rights; Because we must create the world we want to live in; Because Size Queen is cool; Because we need it; Because the world is empty without it; Because we forget we live in community; Because it is everyone’s struggle; Because it’s hard to be a minority; Because it’s hard to be a minority within a minority; Because we need smut that turns us on; Because we need erotica that includes us; Because we are part of fat culture; Because we are leaders in fat culture; Because we can’t count on other people to educate us; Because even when we are outnumbered, we speak truth to power; Because we want to be part of the solution; Because there is a place here for all of us; Because we know that it is possible to be at peace with out bodies; Because sometimes we forget that; Because we need to write our stories; Because we need to read our stories; Because we need to study fat issues; Because we create Fat Theory when we study our lives; Because we are not paranoid – there really is a $40 billion industry that is out to get us; Because the government is part of the problem; Because even PETA targets us with hatred; Because our health should belong to us; Because our bodies are not symbols of greed; Because our bodies are mini-revolutions each one says “fuck you and your weight loss program”; Because some little kid somewhere still thinks she will never go to the prom; Because it should be illegal to lock kids up just cuz they are fat; Because we are most vulnerable when we are young or developmentally (dis)abled; Because women’s bodies have been controlled for so long; Because now men are victimized, too; Because the rest of us get that shit from the gender police and the food police; Because it breaks our hearts that we export American body hatred to other countries; Because our own families can be so very cruel; Because we deserve love in our lives; Because we deserve yummy sex; Because we deserve respect; Because we deserve clothes that fit; Because we deserve chairs that fit; Because we deserve jobs & opportunities; Because we deserve kindness and gentleness; Because we are hot; Because we are hunky and dreamy; Because recognizing the beauty of fat folx is a revolutionary act; Because great sex does not depend on body size; Because fat allies and admirers are harassed, too; Because fat hatred hurts people of all sizes; Because we are sexy; Because we are strong; Because we love difference; Because oppression is connected and no matter where you start fighting, it’s all one struggle; Because we embody hope; Because despite everything, we thrive; And quite simply, because our survival is revolutionary.

[Page 1 images:

  1. A color photo of a smiling, fat, white femme with long blonde hair and a cleavage-revealing striped shirt, a red Size Queen sticker tucked in at the breast. Caption says “in loving memory of Sunny, 6/20/77 – 11/17/04
  2. A color photo of a brown person with short curly hair, smiling, wearing a dark jacket over a light blue t-shirt that says “Decolonize,” pulled up slightly to show a belly tattoo. On their brown jeans, below the belt, is a red Size Queen sticker. They are standing on the grass in the park with lots of people and palm trees behind them. Caption says “Bernice.”
  3. A color photo of a white, thin woman with long wavy brown hair. She is sitting in the park on a blanket. On her dark V-neck sweater is a red Size Queen sticker. Caption says “Gloria.” 
  4. Two white trans guys in the park, one fat and one thin, pulling their pants down for the camera, revealing their butts. Each has a red Size Queen sticker on their right butt cheek. Caption says “Randall, Dillon.”]

[Page 2 images:

  1. A red sticker, a square turned so it’s a diamond. In the center is a purple crown that has jewels and symbols: queer symbols, trans symbols, anarchy symbols. Text says “Kiss me, I’m a Size Queen. For queen-size queers & our loyal subjects. Sizequeenzine.org”]
  2. A color photo in the park of Brooklynne, a white, thin woman with bright red, short hair, wearing an orange tank and a black and red cape. She is holding her arms up and back to open the cape, and smiling for the camera.
  3. A photo at an indoor party, two white people one embracing the other from behind, holding their hands in the shape of a diamond over the crotch area of the other’s green pants, where they are wearing a red Size Queen sticker. The person in front has bright green and blue bangs, glasses, and seems to be eating a brownie. Caption says “Theo.”]
  4. A color photo outdoors on the grass, a white fat person in a pale skirt, pulling it up to reveal stocking seam lines either drawn or tattooed on, and a red Size Queen sticker on their calf. Caption says “Sexy.”
  5.  A color photo outdoors in the grass, two fat people on the ground either wrestling or in an embrace one on top of the other. They both appear to be laughing with red faces. Caption says “Timnah, Randall.” And “Photos by Cherry and Joe.”]