Fat Fairy Godmother

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Fat Fairy Godmother
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Size Queen
Physical description:
The inside cover page of a zine.
Reference #: SizeQueen-00-Fairy
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[image: on a pink page in black pen, a drawing by Alison Nowak of a fat, topless girl with wings and a crinoline skirt, holding a wand with a star at one end and a heart inside the star. Around the drawing are handwritten words: “When I was a teenager I used to draw all these sad self portraits. I spent lots of time running my eyes over myself in the mirror trying to make myself disappear. I used to push my belly in with my hands, I used to read diet books, I used to only eat sourdough bread, slivers of cheddar cheese, oranges, kiwis and these diet shakes. Ew. No one told me to do this to myself. But no one told me to stop either. In 10th grade I thought no one would ever love me if I was fat. Thing is, it was a lot of heartache over nothing. Now I’m older, fatter, and in love. I’m happy. It makes me want to be a fat girl’s Fairy Godmother. I could stomp into a 16 year old’s life yelling, ‘hey girl put down that celery! I’ve brought you hot fudge, I came to tell you life only gets better from here on out.’”]