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Butch Crush

Story by Candida Albicans Royale

Story: Unlacing

A story by April Miller

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Stories: Copper

“I remember the bathtub very clearly, mostly because that’s where I was when I swiped the can of Aqua Net off the sink counter, pressed down on the button and then re-adjusted it so it would shoot into my mouth. After we left my Daddy and came into town, I became restless that way.” A story by A.M. Salt, from FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996.

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

She’s Asleep

Poem/story by Wolfie

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996


A true story about gender taboos, by Judith Black.

FaT GiRL #6, August, 1996

Suzie, the Elm Tree, and Me

Smut by Mary Frances Platt

Fat Fairy Godmother

by Alison Nowak

Dainty Does Ballet

Art by Allyson Mitchell.

It Takes a Real Butch to Admit What She Really Wants

Smut by Maxbear Finkelstein

Botero and Us

Daisy and Laurie take a trip to the park for some photographs.

The Trick

Smut by JJ Cooley

Blind Alleys

“Walking down the street in New York City in a leather vest and Levi’s 501’s and boots, I project the image of a self confident, heavy, fat butch who happens to be Asian…”
by Yodel Sloth
from FaT GiRL #5, April, 1996.

Stories: Worshipping

Convention-slaughtering Jewish smut by Margo Mercedes Rivera, from FaT GiRL #5, April, 1996.

Story: Untitled

Fat queer smut by Maxbear Finkelstein

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Wet Hibiscus

A chapter from Cath Dunsford’s novel.

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Story: Arrival

A story by Marilyn Hollinger

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

Stories: Washing Up

A story about child sexual abuse, by A.M. Salt

April Miller, Torchsinger

The script of a performance given by April Miller in San Francisco, 1994.

Fat Girls on the Big Island

A story by Christine. From FaT GiRL #3, June, 1995.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Stories: Lies I Choose Not to Believe

“My grandfather always said everybody loves a fat man but nobody loves a fat woman. Even as a young child I remember his taunts: fatty–little pig–fatso. These words came at me from one of the biggest men I had ever seen.”

Reflections on fat and gender by Oso, from FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Stories: Crossed Paths

An anonymous personals ad leads to a spicy encounter.

Smut by Barbarism from FaT GiRL #2, February, 1994.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

The Adventures of Super Slut, #1

By day she is a mild-mannered, middle-aged, fat woman, who empties the trash for corporate America for a living. Nighttime tells a different story.

By Betty Rose Dudley

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

Butch Baiting

Story by April Miller. Photos by Laura Johnston.

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

The Adventures of Super Slut, #2

The further adventures of Super Slut, Dyke Boy and more.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Stories: Fat Fucking Bitch

Fat Fucking Bitch. A story by Candida Albicans Royale, from FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Stories: Demon

“There is Eurus, who rises up out of the lovingly polished floor­boards. Trailing her way up my thighs, wrapping round my belly, wisping across my nipples, flowing into my mouth and out my nose.” Story by Barbarism, from FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994.

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Stories: Give Me a Microphone

Give Me a Microphone
An essential fiction by JoNelle Toriseva

From FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

Stories: Thank You Note to a Top

A kinky story by Drew. Illustration by Bertha Pearl and JJ Whitehurst

From FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994