Shoot Me! 

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Shoot Me!
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Kina Williams, Size Queen
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A page with two columns of text around a photo.
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[image description: a thin brown man stands on a chair smiling and pointing a camera down at a fat woman in a pink cardigan and black mini skirt who is striking a pose.]

Shoot Me! 

Kina’s Tips and Tricks

By Kina Williams

1: Appreciate your subject matter. If you don’t enjoy fat girls, don’t even bother trying to capture their image until you change your perspective. 

2: Have a conversation with your subject. Once you know specifically what they like about their bodies you can compose pictures that highlight the areas they are most excited about. If they don’t like their ass then don’t shoot their ass, unless you both agreed that your photo session will be a photo therapy session. 

3: Choose poses that your subject is comfortable in. If they are straining to make a pose happen, they will be uncomfortable, they will appear tense and neither of you will have any fun. 

4: Pay attention to any possible physi­cal limitations. This goes for anybody you are shooting, not just subjects of size. 

5: Have respect for the person you are photographing. Doing portrait photography, especially with fat folx, takes a certain amount of sensitivity on your part. If you have never been called names because you are fat, or discriminated against because you are fat, or been ignored because you are fat, then you really need to take the time to become educated first. Work to understand weight discrimina­tion and be body positive with all your subjects. 

6: Have an assistant to help you with posing. It can be very dif­ficult to do all of the posing and shooting.

7: Composition: Drastic shoot­ing perspectives, like the ant’s eye view or the bird’s eye view, rarely work. Be care­ful where you cut off your shot. If your subject has a large belly cut the shot off before you get to where the belly curves into the pubic area. 

8: We can constantly improve the way the world looks at fat people by making good portraits, flatter­ing images, and sexy pictures. Help change the world view one image at a time!