Jukie & Papi D

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Jukie & Papi D
Date(s) of creation: June 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Jukie, Papi D, Joe Samson, Size Queen
Physical description:
6 pages of color photos on a dark pink background.
Reference #: SizeQueen-42-47-JD
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Jukie & Papi D

Photos by Joe Samson

This is 6 pages of photographs of two fat, tattooed, 30-something queers having sex. Jukie is a fat, white femme with long, auburn hair, wearing a black bra, and a see-through black garter belt that’s holding up black stockings. Papi D is a fat, bi-racial genderqueer butch with dark hair cut in a fade, and is wearing a white ribbed tank and black suspenders, alternating with a black tank and black cowboy hat.. 

P. 42:

“Jukie & Papi D, Photos by Joe Samson” 

[image 1: Shown in a side view, Jukie is standing, Papi D is kneeling slightly behind Jukie with their body pressed up close to Jukie’s legs, and one hand on the front of Jukie’s thigh. Jukie has one hand on Papi D’s shoulder. Their heads are both turned to face the camera with sexy looks in their eyes.]

[image 2: View from behind. Papi D is still kneeling, their face at the level of Jukie’s ass, reaching a hand between Jukie’s knees, over her stocking.]

P. 43:

[image 1: In a bathroom. We see Jukie’s face as she applies shaving cream with a brush to Papi D’s cheek. With her other hand she holds the back of Papi D’s neck. Papi D is facing Jukie, so we only see their ear and cheek.]

[image 2:  Close-up view of Jukie embracing Papi D from behind with one hand on Papi D’s chest and the other hand holding a straight razor to their neck. Papi D’s face is white with shaving cream, and their head is leaned back into Jukie, with eyes closed.]

[image 3: a photo taken in the mirror of the same shaving embrace,]

P. 44:

[image 1: Close-up of Jukie’s face while her mouth opens for Papi D’s shiny black dildo. Her head rests against Papi D’s belly. Papi D has one hand holding up the cock to Jukie’s mouth, the other on Jukie’s head, with something in their hand – maybe the razor.]

[image 2: Close-up of Jukie’s freshly-shaved pussy – her legs are spread wide, she’s laying back and using her hands to pull back her thighs and labia to better expose her cunt. In the background is one breast, nipple visible through the bra. Beyond it, Jukie’s eyes are looking upward.]

[image 3: We see Jukie from behind: riding on top of Papi D and leaning forward. Papi D’s hands are on Jukie’s back, fingers digging into her back fat.]

P. 45:

[image 1, full page: Jukie is laying on her back, with the camera just above her head, so we mostly see what she sees. Her head is blurry in the foreground at the bottom of the pic, and her large breasts spill out over the top of her bra, toward her face. Moving upward, we see Papi D standing between Jukie’s legs, holding the cock in one hand, while the other hand is intertwined with Jukie’s hand. He’s wearing a black tank and cowboy hat, looking directly at Jukie’s face. Jukie rests her calf – clad in a tall, very chunky black boot – on Papi D’s shoulder.. Behind Papi D there is a pink parasol hanging from the ceiling.]

P 46:

[images: Two photos of Jukie on a bed on her belly, propped slightly up on her elbows, facing the camera, with Papi D standing bbehind her, one hand behind her head, their body blurry, in motion. In one photo, Jukie looks at the camera, mouth slightly open, relaxed face, high, gripping the blanket underneath her. In the other photo, her mouth is open wider, her face is tense – eyes are closed, forehead is wrinkled and her head is forward, closer to the mattress.]

P. 47

[image 1: Jukie and Papi D are standing chest to chest. Jukie looks disheveled, hair a mess. She’s leaning against Papi D, her forehead pressed against Papi D’s lips as they kiss her. Papi D’s got their big, bare arms around her.]

[image 2: Papi D is alone in this shot, in their white tank, sitting and visible from the chest up. Their hair is wet and their forehead is shiny with sweat. Their head is tilted slightly downward, and their eyes look up at the camera.}

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