Comics: Shape Up, Little Sisters!

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Shape Up, Little Sisters!
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  Sondra Solovay, FaT GiRL
Physical description:  Bottom half of a zine page, black and white hand drawn comic
Reference #:  FG1-025-ShapeUp
Links: [ PDF ]

Comic by Sondra Solovay

[Image description: A hand-drawn comic with 4 rectangular panels of different sizes that fit together.

  1. Two women are in a dressing room, with lingerie and sexy clothing hanging on the walls. The thin one stands facing a mirror, wearing skimpy lingerie, while the fat one sits nearby, watching. The thin one says to the fat one, “Oh! I think this makes me look too fat! What do you think, Sara?”
  2. Looking away from the movie screen at the seats in a mostly empty theater at the Cineplex, four women of different skin tones sit next to each other. Three are thin, one is fat. The two thin ones on the outside look straight ahead at the screen, with hands wrapped around the tubs of popcorn in their laps. The thin person in the middle is turned toward the fat person, saying “Stop hanging all over me! This is my armrest!
  3. The cover of “The Nerve: a Lesbian Magazine,” Summer ‘94. A thin woman with long wavy hair looks chic in her bikini, surrounded by phrases: “Bathe with Pride!” “Queer Swimwear” “The Best Nude Beaches” “Lesbian Chic!”
  4. Three of the thIn characters (the thin shopper, the cinema goer who blamed the fat person rather than changing seats, and the cover model) stand together hanging their heads while the fat dressing room friend stands, hands on her hips, in her black t-shirt, spandex plaid pants and black boots, chastising them: “Shape Up, Little Sisters!”

The name Sondra Solovay is typed in the lower right corner.]