FaT GiRL #1 Cover

Title: FaT GiRL #1
Date(s) of creation: October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher: Fat Girl Publishing
Physical description: zine cover page, printed in black, white, and blue
Reference #: FG1-COVER
Links: [ PDF ]

illustration by Zeph Fishlyn


FaT GiRL $5


A Zine for Fat Dykes and the Women Who Want Them

[Image description: Illustration of a fat, smiling white person with short spiked hair kneeling in front of a circular emblem emblazoned with blue and white stars and the words “FAT GIRL” around the edge. They are wearing a bikini top covered in blue and white stars, with blue letters “F” and “G” on each cup. They wear a small bikini bottom, just visible below their belly, with a blue star. Their right arm is raised in the air with their gloved right hand clenched in a fist; their left arm is bent, with their left gloved hand resting on their hip.]

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