Columns we’d like to see

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Columns we’d like to see
Date(s) of creation:  October, 1994
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Physical description:  Part of a zine page, black typed text on white
Reference #:  FG1-025-Columns
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columns we’d like to see 

  • REGIONALISM RULES! If you live outside of SF, how about organizing a regional page for your area? Get together a group of friends and start digging for the stories/gossip/art/dating tips from your area, design a page (or two) and drop us a line. We want this to be a regular column, featuring locations all over the world.
  • FAT NEWS What’s happening in the news with fat issues? Have you heard something you’d like fat dykes to know about? What was that rumor about a fat person suing American Airlines for discrimina­tion? Send us news clipping, send us local news, just send it!
  • HEALTH ISSUES Yeah, what about those health issues?
  • LEGAL ISSUES We’ve definitely got ’em. Anyone out there know enough to write about ’em?
  • NO COMMENT (OK, so I stole the name from Ms.) Seen an ad or article that really pissed you off? Let us tear it to pieces.

Who’s doing nasty things to fat people, promoting fat discrimination, making fat people miserable? We know they’re every­where (just like WE are!). Let’s get a list going, so we can try holding some of those creeps accountable.