Poetry: Clean Satisfaction

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Clean Satisfaction
Date(s) of creation: 
Creator / author / publisher: Hannah R.T., FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Zine page with a poem in a spiky font
Reference #: FG5-027-CleanSatisfaction
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By Hannah R.T.

236 pounds 

and today I would date myself,  

thats how good I look. 

Levis and flannel

(damn I love winter) 

and shes still in the shower, 

bitchin gently no hot water. 

Stick out my tongue to the mirror, 

looks the same, 

even with her flavor all over 

my face still, 

knees still imprinted with 

butterflies from the bottom of the tub, 

under my jeans, but 

I know theyre there.

Grin at myself, 


pull back my hair. 

God, I love 

a butch dyke 

with a belly.