Oso’s First Official FaT GiRL Word Find

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Oso’s First Official FaT GiRL Word Find
Date(s) of creation: Issue 5: April 1996
Creator / author / publisher:  Oso, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
 a zine page with a Word Find puzzle, a publication masthead with zine information, and a display ad
Reference #: FG5-005
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[image description: a zine page with the following text:


Fat GiRL is a zine for and about fat dykes. FaT GiRL seeks to create a broad-based dialogue that both challenges and informs our notions of fat dyke identity. We encourage dialogue based on our lived experiences as fat dykes, recognizing that our lives are various and multifaceted. FaT GiRL is produced by an eclectic collective of fat dykes. We come in all shapes and sizes; from diverse ethnic cultures and different class backgrounds. 

FaT GiRL is a political act. 
We want your participation! 

Today, FaT GiRL is: April Miller, Bertha Pearl, Laura Johnston, Margo Mercedes Rivera, Oso, Susannah, Sondra Solovay, and Selena. 
Logo by Fish. 
Web Site by Max Airborne of Cacatan. 
Publicity: Meredith Tanzer 
Accounting: Judy 
Bookkeeping: Ann Williams 
Cover: Christine 
Back Cover: FaT GiRL by Laura Johnston. 

Special Thanks to: 
Barbarism, Beth “Kiki” Carr and housemates, Cath Thompson, Candida Albicans, Hadas Weiss, Jennifer Brooks, Pandoura, M. G. Cimino, Marva Holmes, Max Airborne, and Terry Sapp. 

Subscriptions: Send $20/4 issues, $5/sample and a signed age statement to the address below. 
Stores: Our terms are 60/40, you pay shipping. 
Get FaT GiRL direct or from Last Gasp, Fine Print, Armadillo, or AK Press. 
Ads: Business cards- $40, quarter page- $75, half page ­$150. Send your ads ready to scan. We can shrink to fit. Call about design rates. 

We accept original work by women that is relevant to fat dykes. Please include a S.A.S.E. with your stuff. We like written submissions that are typed. We love submissions that are on disk, especially Mac disk. We are always on the lookout for art!!! 
Please don’t ever send us your original copy of anything. Include a brief bio with your stuff and model releases for your photos ( we can send you these if you need them). 
Deadline for #6 is June 1 1996. 
Look for #6 in August. 

This issue (#5) copyright April 1996 Fat Girl Publishing. All right belong to individual artists. 
FaT GiRL is not to be sold to minors, which really sucks. 

Note new contact info: FaT GiRL 
2215-R Market St. #197 San Francisco, CA 94114 
(415) 522-8733 

This issue is dedicated with respect and thanks to all the fat activists out there fighting for fat dyke visibility. 

is a political act 

Oso’s First Official FaT GiRL Word Find

[image: a list of words and a grid of letters in which to find them. Words include: buxom, fleshy, jiggly, nerdy, perverse, sassy, sticky, unapologetic, wet, sleazy, kitchenslut, gearqueen, muffdive, apricot, Living Large, miners, seductress, breast, plates, blackberry, cherry pie, courageous, Martha, Moody, lecherous, frosting, pussy, Barbarism, poundcake, butt, Hairspray, masochist, collective, polka, poison, jezebel, witty, mujeres, bold, huge, femme, stout, babe, kiss, bellies, bum, big, FatLip, jello, bear, butch, massive, cunt. Find these words and then unscramble the secret message. (answer on page 67)]

Fat Lip Readers Theatre

15th anniversary performances

April 28, 3pm  $5-$10 Sliding Scale 
May 3, 7:30pm  $8-$20 Sliding Scale 
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 1658 Excelsior St., Oakland, CA 

May 4, 7:30pm $8-$20 Sliding Scale
Women’s Building 3543 18th St., S.F., CA 
Reception & refreshments following performance. 

No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds 
Wheelchair Accessible 
Sign Language Interpreted
Please no scents or perfumes
Free Childcare-Reservation by April 25 

Call 415 585-3955 for more info & to reserve childcare. 

[image: a silhouette of a fat naked woman, leaning back.]