Survey: What’s Sexy About Fat Women?

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Survey: What’s Sexy About Fat Women?
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Two zine pages with text and reader-submitted photos
Reference #: FG4-056-057-Survey
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Reader Survey says…

What’s Sexy About Fat Women?

Funny thing, I find fat women really attractive, but I hate it in myself. Hmmm. I love the way many fat women move. 

They are soft, round, lusty, big enough to take me on, sexy, hot, fuckable, cuddleable, full of attitude, sassy, bold, brave, I’ve got to stop I’m getting wet. 

Round, soft, forgiving curves. Substantial, something to hold on to. Power Strength Energy 

You can’t crush us or hurt us. Two large dykes can wrestle like no one’s business. 

Wow-what isn’t sexy about fat women!!! Imagine rivers of cunt juice flowing out of a canyon-sized pussy over pillowy strong and tender thighs. Rest your head on a fat belly, a giant breast or in the soft­est crook of a fat girl’s neck. THAT’S what is sexy about fat women! 

Fat women are delicately tiger-striped along their bellies and breasts and thighs and 

arms. Some fat women have marvelous pur­ple traceries of veins in their legs that look like marbling (the kind of marbling people pay $100s to put in their Victorian homes). 

Fat women have the softest skin. 

Fat women are fun to wrestle with. 

Fat women have “float-up bra” contests in the hot tub! 

Their texture. I know it sounds awful and stereotypic, but I like soft, cushy, squeezable women. “Built for comfort, ” yeah. I also like women I’m not afraid I’m gonna break. My last gf was very thin and very delicate and I felt like I was married to a china plate. So big, sturdy women who are also soft and cushy … sounds like fat dyke heaven to me. 

Everything that’s sexy about every woman, only more so! 

Softer-than-soft bellies, thighs, faces,  shoulders, backs … sigh … you had to ask this question while I’m at work, huh?

Big FAT thighs that quiver and slap at your cheeks when you make a body come.

Their power & presence. There’s something amazingly potent about fat women; they exude security, sexual energy, potency. They take up space unapologetically. MMMM­MM! 

I like their big fat juicy asses that overflow in your hands and that thunder when you slap them. The same big asses that you can take big mouthfuls of, that smush up against your face while you smell that sweet spunky fat girl scent … They have delicious tummies–­round, curving, dimpled, adorned with glorious stretch marks that glow when they are happy and turned on–you can bury your head and heart in those stomachs. I love fat knees that roll over and grace plump calves … and bountiful breasts that touch you at inoppurtune moments­–nipples that venture into casual brush­es with strange shoulders and arms. And fat women are sexy with beefy strong arms and rolling shoulders that can surround you and hold you so tight you ain’t going anywhere. Fat women are sexy especially when they cover you head to toe in with their weight–you can’t breathe, you’re gonna pee and your heart will burst but the weight of the world disappears and your cunt and her cunt is all that exists. And speaking of cunts. Fat women have the sexiest plumpest cunts that peek out of those abundant thighs… juicy, juicy, plump. And when they clamp down with those thighs you are in flesh heaven. I also have a thing for moon-faced girls–when they smile my thoughts leave my head and all I can do is listen to my heart beat loud–and fat women tend to have the fullest shining moon faces around. 

I never thought about what is sexy about fat grrls … but most of the wimmin I have been with have been thinner than me, although not really skinny. So .. .I apply this to what is sexy about me … curves, hills, val­leys, softness, and a general pleasing to the eye … Thinner wimmin do not necessarily turn me off, but fat grrls turn me on. Phhfft … every grrl turns me on … 

The fluidity of fat and muscle as it coop­erates in graceful motion. 

I am simply blown away by the move­ment of fat women, especially if they obvi­ously love their bodies. 

Their flesh, their warmth, their bulk. I love rolling over at night and putting my arms and legs around a mountain of a woman, cuddling up with her, putting my arms around her and hugging her tight, playing with the flesh on her thighs. 

The bigness is sexy-it can envelope you. I like to watch fat ripple! 

Hard to answer. I find people sexy, not body types. 

All those luscious curves. They’re softer and stronger than little women. 

Cleavage, body pressure, soft skin, big ass, grabbable tits. 

What is sexy about fat women? Well it depends on if you’re talking about OTHER fat women or me! Other fat women are sexy because they’re voluptuous and soft and inviting and cuddly and full of places to hold on! My body, on the other hand, is NOT sexy … it’s fat and droopy and has horrible knees and “things that hang”! This makes me pretty asexual (in my mind and in my enjoyment of sex), so I guess you could say that “repressed sexuality” is the sexiest thing about me. 

Her roundness. 

They are soft and wonderful for snuggling up with. 

We are lush soft curvy warm — no sharp corners or hard edges. 

We have these lovely mounds of flesh (breasts, buns, stomach, etc.) that move around when we make them. When a fat woman moves in sexual ecstasy, a mountain moves, sometimes 

volcanically. The power is incredible! I find her buns from the back quite sexy to watch as she walks. Seeing a fat woman I adore quivering as she walks, sits, moves, makes me wet, and eager to have my body enwrapped with hers. 

What isn’t?! Curves. Meat. Substance. Strength. I like a woman who can challenge my physical strength. Big women look powerful to me. They take up space that isn’t supposed to be theirs. It sounds so the­oretical, but there really is this sexual outlaw dynamic to fat women just *being* that makes me wet. And yet, big women’s bodies are often so out there, there is something vulnerable and perversely appealing about that that makes me want to get inside and really touch them. Fleshy women make me greedy-handfuls of flesh-my hands and mouth and cunt are always hun­gry for more. 

Fullness. Smoothness. My ex-girlfriend was petite with the smallest breasts imagin­able–was a model for teen fashions until she was almost 30. She could have anyone she wanted. She threw fits over my body–she was hungry for every curve! I began to see her point.

EVERYTHING!!!! (Especially their asses … ) No, seriously, I love the feeling of being overpowered in bed, and that just doesn’t happen with skinny girls. I mean, I’m a bear, I need to bite and claw and wrestle and struggle when I fuck; that’s part of what gets me off. With another fat woman, I can do that and not feel like I’m going to damage her. And then there’s all that mushy lesbian stuff about softness and warmth and comfort. 

They’re substantial and sensuous. 

Round curves. Soft bodies. Beautiful faces. Shared experiences. Cuddly. 

Passionate, romantic, uninhibited. Lots o’ curves! No uncomfortable bones to jab you. They’re soft and cuddly. 

I find larger women to be more honest and open. Less pretentious. Less worried about their social standing and appearances. Much easier to get to know. Hell, it’s nice to have something in common–we’ve all faced the same discrimination and cruel jokes. 

I really love the soft, plump, round look of fat women. I just think they are gorgeous, like a beautiful work of art.

This is probably going to sound weird, but I espe­cially love fat women’s arms and shoulders–they look so sensuous. And then of course, there is the way fat *feels*–and it feels great! 

Lots ‘o curves and soft spots to snuggle into. Bountiful bouncing flesh. Solid, sturdy. Their roundness, lush breasts/ bellies/butts! Beautiful expanses of soft skin! The way fat women open up to their sensual side more quickly and deeply than thin women. 

They are soft, round, very female, feel delightful in my hands and against my body. You can bury yourself in them. 

Fat women got those sexy shapes and sexy sounds, with sexy curves and sexy mounds. They got sexy tastes and sexy eyes, Sexy lips and sexy thighs. Fat women got that sexy skin, it’s soft and silky it makes me spin. And what is best, their tummies bounce they’re more beautiful, ounce for ounce! 

There’s lots more to hold onto. We’re built for comfort, but can speed, too. 

I love full bellies and thick hips, round bootys and cleavage to dive into. Yum yum chomp. 

Everything, plus, they’re fat. I mean, a fat woman is sexy in every way that a skinny woman can be sexy, flirty, smoldering, tough, cruel, shy. Plus, a fat woman is incredibly soft. 


Feminine. Big breasts. Big hips. Sensitivity. Soft, soft, soft. A sexy, attractive, big woman who walks proud and loves herself and isn’t afraid to take up space is the sexiest woman on earth. 

A lot of things. Lots of woman to grab hold of. I like bigness. I can wrestle with them and not hurt them.

[image description: photo of a fat white dyke in black underwear standing with both arms lifted and bent at the elbow, her hands in fists. She smiles at the camera.]

[image description: redacted]

[image description: photo of Max & Barb, two white dykes. Max wears a striped shirt and wire-rimmed glasses and makes a V or peace sign while looking at the camera. Barb leans into Max and sticks out her tongue. She is wearing cat-eyed glasses.

[image description: photo of a fat Black dyke with long braids, leaning their head back and smiling.]

[image description: photo of a fat white dyke in black pants standing with both arms lifted and bent at the elbow, her hands in fists. She smiles at the camera.]