Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Letters
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: FaT GiRL
Physical description:
Four pages of letters from readers in a 3-column layout. Interspersed postcards and advertisements.
Reference #: FG4-002-006-Letters
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Thanks, Praises, etc.  


I came across the Fat Girl web page via the Lambda page at Echonyc.com, my home site. Anyway, I checked it out because I’m fat, and how could I resist a zine called Fat Girl?  Looks good, so congratulations. I am straight, but your site made me kinda wish I wasn’t. Anyway, best of luck. Every little bit of fat-positive media out there is a step in the right direction.  

New York  

Yo. FaT GiRL is without a doubt the sexiest  motherfucking magazine I have ever seen. I  haven’t had time to read each issue cover to cover yet, but so far I totally dug:  All the pictures–I knew I liked size but I didn’t know pictures of naked fat girls could be so much sexier than naked skinny girls. The shaving shots, the ice cream cone shoes, the Val and Steph spread, Crystal in the tub, KT — you even have the best Body M ad.  

The interview with Max and XXX -the pictures are hot and adorable and the story is good and strong and funny; Max’s “over what weight?” killed me. “Fat Fucking  Bitch.” “Real Mujeres Have Pansas.”  “Racism and Fat Hatred.” The “Hey you’re fat — Hey you’re dead” cartoon …  I am blown a-way.  

Be beefy.  
San Francisco, CA  

Dear Fat Girl,  

I almost missed issue #2, so please subscribe me so that doesn’t happen again. I love your (maga)zine and especially got off on Lea Arellano’s reply to Katherine (in #3)! My consciousness goes up a notch every time I read you. And yes, I’m over 18 (Actually I’m 62 and that’s a whole other issue!). Thanks for being there and putting  in all the work it must take to get out each issue of Fat Girl. 

Berkeley, CA 

Dear Fat Girl Collective, 

I bought my first issue (#3) of Fat Girl zine today. It is like a dream come true. It is like Fantasy Realized. It IS the essence of Healing! THANK YOU!!!   

As a Fat Dyke, I’ve endured years of my own self-hatred, as well as society’s. To see the epitome of *who I am* presented Lovingly, Sensually, Desirably WOW!! I danced around the living room like a fig on a  firepit! I am still devouring every word of text, drinking in every image, every photo. THIS is the publication I’ve been waiting for all my life! My check for a subscription and one of those incredible Fat Girl t-shirts will be on its way to you in a couple of weeks. Keep it Coming! This zine is water for the thirsty soul. Now, if I can just meet a woman like one of these here on page …  

Denver, CO 

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photocopied 1995 postmarked envelope addressed to FaT GiRL’s mailing address at 2215-R Market St, #193, San Francisco, CA 94114, addressed from Jenny (no address provided) in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is decorated with food-themed stickers, including silverware, ice cream cones, vegetables, fruits, and breads.]

Fat Girl is the best (especially since Sassy switched ownership). Thanks for keeping your S/M slant. Since fat girls, S/M girls, and dyke girls all get under-represented, seeing the combination of all three together in one magazine is orgasmic, literally! How could anyone not devour Fat Girl cover to cover? And each issue just gets better and better– on behalf of the dykes of Cincinnati, thank you!  

Cincinnati, OH  

Dear Fat Girl Staff:  

I love your magazine. I read it from cover to cover. I was smiling the whole time. It is nice to see, read and gather info from  other beautiful women such as myself. Keep  up the good work. If you’re ever in Virginia  Beach, VA. Stop in. Just EMAIL ME. Lots of luck & love  

Virginia Beach, VA  

Hey fat girls,  

You are great! grand! gorgeous! at a sex toy party i found you and bought you, and now i want you all … i’m so delighted that your fat selves exist and chat you’re doing this rag; it is a gift to the whole fucking universe!  


Okay, after months of scraping together my extra pennies, I finally went to my favorite neighborhood queer bookstore to by a copy of FaT GiRL … all I can say is it was well worth the wait. Only problem is you’re all out in San Francisco, and I’m in Atlanta, where fat is still very much a dirty word, especially in the dyke community. *sigh* Well, at least I’ll  have FaT GiRL to keep me company on those lonely nights.  

Atlanta, GA  

Dear Fat Girls,  

I bought issue #3 of your zine as a birthday present for my lover, Susan. After we read it aloud and ogled the pictures I was the one to get a present! She made love to my big juicy butt and came while squeezing  my ample flesh. It was thrilling! Her adoration of my 300+ lb. body truly sexualizes all my body parts. I am her Goddess. Thanks for turning up the heat here in Hot’lanta!  

Atlanta, GA 

FaT GiRL… is a political act

Fat Girl is a zine for and about fat dykes. Fat Girl seeks to create a broad-based dialogue that both challenges and informs our notions of fat dyke identity. We encourage dialogue based on our lived experiences as fat dykes, recognizing that our lives are various and multifaceted. Fat Girl is produced by an eclectic collective of fat dykes. We come in all shapes and sizes; from diverse ethnic cultures and different class backgrounds. 

Fat Girl is a political act. We want your participation! 

Fat Girl is April Miller, Barbarism, Bertha Pearl,  Candida Albicans Royale, Laura Johnston, Lisa,  Max Airborne, Oso and Selena. Logo by Fish.  

Contributors to this issue: A.M. Salt, Bear, Betty Rose Dudley, Bo, Carol Squires, Cathie Dunsford,  Charlene, Chrystos, Cuirdyke & MsDaddy’s girl, Drew, Elana Dykewomon, Evie Leder, Fish,  Hannah, Jane Segal, Judith Stein, Lanetta, Laurie Avocado, Lea Arellano, Lori  Selke, Margaret Sloane-Hunter, Margo Mercedes Rivera, M.G. Cimino, Marilyn Kalman, Marilyn Hollinger, Miriam Berg, Mr. Anon, Serafina, Sondra Solo, Sooty, Vicki Markin, Zanne.  

Cover: photo by V. Markin & J. Segal.  

Back cover: Barbarism by Laura Johnston.  

Special thanks: Cath Thompson, Mary Frank, Jo, Ellen, Fish, Aileen Wuornos, Deva, Jess, Anna,  Lee, Atlanta, Terrehon, Judy, Jennifer Brooks, Women’s Cancer Resource Center, Regis, Old  Wives’ Tales, Junkyard, Marilyn Wann, fatdykes@apocalypse.org, Malt & Farmer.  

Subscriptions: Send $20/4 issues, $5/sample & a signed age statement to the address below.  

Stores: Our terms are 60/40, you pay shipping. Get Fat Girl direct or from Last Gasp or Fine Print.  

Ads: Business cards: $40, quarter page: $75, half  page: $150. Send your ads ready to scan. We can  shrink to fit. Call about our design rates.  

Submissions: We accept original work by women that’s relevant to fat dykes. Please include a  S.A.S.E. with your stuff. We like written submissions that are typed & in a simple font (so we can scan it). We are always on the lookout for art!!! Don’t ever send us your original copy of anything. Please include a brief bio with your stuff and model  releases for your photos (we can send you these if you don’t have them).  

Deadline for #5 (out 2/96) is December 15, 1995.  

This issue (#4) © October 1995 Fat Girl Publishing. All rights belong to individual artists.  

Fat Girl is not to be sold to minors.  

Fat Girl, 2215-R Market St. #193  
San Francisco, CA 94114  
airborne@sirius.com or boot@sirius.com 

This issue dedicated with love to all the Fat Dykes who did not survive. You are missed.

Hello dear Max,

Wow, thanks for sending the massive Fat Girl in trade offering for my puny 98-lb weakling zine. Of course I’ll trade any day of the damn year! I have admired Fat Girl from afar, borrowing friends’ copies and the like, but the $5 price has kept me from buying it for myself. I find your work a welcome and necessary addition. I am a woman who wants fat dykes in my life, on my newsstand, and wherever the hell else they want to be! 

Pittsburg, PA 

Dear Fat Girl,  

I would like to give all the staff a big “THANK YOU!”. Not only is your magazine so hot, it made me realize that fat womyn can have hot, sexy bods and do  everything the others do. Surprise! As a freshly out dyke I assumed I was going to be celibate. Fat Girl let me see I don’t have to go by society’s stereotypical groups. I’m a fat dyke and it’s ok to get fucked, fuck, and whatever else I wanna do. If nobody likes it then I’ll just sit on their scrawny  ass!! Go FAT GIRLS of all kinds! Another sister has just joined the ranks!  

Fat and mad in Florida,  


Greetings from the East Coast! I am writing to say thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job with the zine. I was able to see it at a meeting in DC for fat dykes. I loved it! As well, many others did too. Congratulations!  

Hyattsville, MD  


Judy here checking in. It is so weird that I got your letter along with Fat Girl. I  have wanted to read a copy for a long time but never actually sent for one. I put out 2 half-size zines with a friend in ’93 & 3 full size zines in ’94-’95. Enclosed are my two latest zines. I hope ya like ’em. My latest zine called TOP will be done July 15 so let me know and & I’ll send one on. I loved  Fat Girl. So many things in my head. I AM A FABULOUS FAT DYKE. So glad to see womyn I could relate to, especially pics of  pierced / S/M womyn. lt made me feel so powerful as I know that fat girls are as smart, beautiful & sexy as anyone (if not more). Keep up the good work.  


In sisterhood,  

Judy R
Worcester, MA

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An advertisement for Just For You Bakery and Cafe. A cartoon-style drawing of a filled coffee cup over a checked background. Text below reads “1453 18th Street. San Francisco, CA 94107. M-F 6:30am – 3:00pm. Sat-Sun 9:00am – 3:00pm. A tight squeeze, but fat-friendly!”]

Beyond self-hatred  

Dear FaT GiRLs,  

Wow! Once again you’ve moved me to new heights and widths. You’ve inspired and excited me and even provoked thoughts, some of which I can’t seem to get out of my head.  

One of the most provoking articles in  FG #3 was “D and L ,” the interview by Candida. I really appreciated their openness and making themselves so vulnerable to us!  

The part of the interview chat I keep thinking about is where D starts out talking about how much harder it is to have a fat lover because of the “shit” she gets on the street. She goes on about how  despite our “great fat policies … most of us still feel like shit … “.  

I want to tell you that having great fat policies and loving yourself are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, I believe they are synergistic; they can build on each other.  

As a fat dyke who has had a series of monogamies, I had never felt real safety in  a relationship until 13 years ago, when I got involved with another fat dyke. My experience on the street with her is often hard because of harassment, but it is also made easier by knowing that I have a constant ally at my side. So when some asshole prick yells something from a car, it feels  great (and powerful) to hear both of our voices yelling back. And when the meddle-some lady in the bakery says something about how “you really don’t need that, do you dear?” and I’m too stunned to think of a quick reply, girlfriend usually has a reply at the tip of her tongue. The world has become an easier place because of our being together. 

And because of our being together, I’m able to have a really BIG, full life. I’m able to love myself fiercely. I’m able to enjoy everything about my fat (and her fat) and our fat life. I’m a much happier, healthier, stronger fat woman for having a fat girlfriend. This relationship does nothing but empower me. I’m also luck to know both fat lesbians with thin girlfriends and single fat dykes who love themselves tremendously. 

Now, before you think, “Yeah right! What planet does this dyke live on?” let me say this. If there were no fat hatred, I’d have a perfect life. I would have everything I want (you know, no bigotry, clothes that fit, etc). But I still have to leave my house every day, just  like everybody else. And I still absorb this culture on a daily basis. And yes, I have moments of self-doubt, As D says, “This is what has manifested by what we live in, and everything we’ve learned growing up.” 

But I think we owe it to ourselves to push through those moments to the other side where we can truly love who we are. One of my goals as a fat dyke, for myself and for other fat women, is to not feel like shit; to get to a place where we keep the fat hatred outside and as far away as possible. To me, saying you feel like shit only keeps the hatred inside and the culture wins. It made me sad to read D’s statements. I’ve come across similar sentiment in other FG stories and interviews. I’m not suggesting we not deal with self-hatred. I’m only suggesting we acknowledge it and push forward to self-love. 

There’s a poem by Marge Piercy that I like a lot with this great line: “live as if you liked yourself, and it may happen.” 

Thanks again for all your hard work, and this fabulous ‘zine. 


Meredith Lawrence
Cambridge, MA

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A hand-drawn illustration by Zanne of a fat dyke in a dandy-style outfit. They are wearing a 3-piece pinstripe suit, dress shoes, and a bowler hat. They are holding a pocket watch in one hand while holding a cane in the other.]

Fat Dyke Life in Australia 

Hello wonderful fat girls, 

I was thrilled when I received your first issue sent in our exchange, two days ago (it was issue No. 3). We have absolutely nothing like FaT GiRL in Australia, not even some decent discussion at this stage. About two years ago there were a series of dinners for fat dykes where fat dykes would go to each others houses and eat together. You couldn’t go unless you were a certain weight or more. This is a strange concept to me because we are always struggling against the way we are defined by our weight/size. I heard about the dinners too late but I also heard that skinny dykes were very pissed off that some fat dykes had got together without them.

I am going to give FaT GiRL a rave review in Lesbiana and I hope it is OK to reproduce the cover of number 3 to illustrate the review. Once upon a time I got into serious trouble for publishing a front cover of a woman in a harness and leather cap. My main reason for publishing was the lack of images of women other than skinny ones. She was a meaty, medium sized woman with large breasts. I really believe that one of the reasons why publishing the image gave me so much flack was because the cover girl didn’t conform to the skinny “norm” that is expected of us. 

I was also really excited to see that you publish an Internet resources list. We do that also (began with the last issue), Many of the ones in your No. 3 were the ones I will include in Lesbiana no. 38 (I think it’s 38). I’m going to give you WWW site a mention also. Oh goddess, I am so pleased to have made contact with you. 

Love and kisses from one fat dyke to some others. 


A Little Lesson in Communication 

Fat Girl, 

You guys are sooo bad at communication. Case in point:

Ordered and paid for #3 and #4 on June 5. Received #3 promptly on June 16. Did not include any word on the fate of #4. I assumed late publication, but as of this date [July 11] still no communication from you about any delay. A short note from you would have negated any reason to write this letter. 

You say you need support to help keep publishing this zine through my subscription for future issues. How do you get my support?  

*Send already-paid-for issue #4. 

*Improve your communication with me. If you can put a zine in the mail, then surely it could include a short informal note. At this point, before I subscribe, I would like to receive issue #4 and perhaps a small token of your recognition that improved communication is the key to your continued existence. How? Perhaps a photo of your leader, Barbarism, stretched face down across a favorite studio spanking table, bared and learning through vigorous spanking, how to improve communication. I also believe that a spankee should be properly restrained in order to feel the full impact of the lesson.

 My level of support? A double subscription with no liability on your part should you be unable to produce all the issues implied -OR- a single subscription plus a fee to cover the expenses of providing the above photo. Would I like you to respond? Yes. Do I think you will respond? No. 

Mt. Prospect, IL

FG responds: Thanks for your support K. But Barbarism doesn’t work cheap. In fact, it takes a lot of good sushi, chocolate, hunan eggplant, and custom-ordered metal-and-petroleum-product lingerie to put Barb in the mood to pose for such a shot, not counting the expense of all the pyrotechnics, the airfare for importing suitable disposable stud butch tops, and most of all, her valuable time. Although Barb may well appreciate your footing the bill for such an expenditure, practicality says: we’ll take the double subscription money. 

Since you were so generous in sharing your fine communication skills with us, we’ve decided that to improve relations with our voracious readers we’ll make a couple things more prominent in future issues: the publication date, and a statement that we come out (knock on wood) every four months, at least so far. 

Awaiting your response and $40 check (which we’re a little miffed not to have received yet). 

the FaT GiRL Editorial Collective 

K Responds: Dear Fat Girl Editorial Collective, 

Quite a mouthful. Thanks for your prompt response to my query. I have looked and looked. Still have not found any reference to an Oct. date for issue #4. OK by me though, I will wait.  

If l misread your statement of publication date, then you misread my offer to double the subscription price. That was put forth with a certain spanking shot in mind.  After reading one of your earlier issues, I didn’t think producing the shot would be such a big deal. I found a shot from a “Fat Girl Benefit” at a place called Muff Dive taken by Laura Johnston (I believe a member of your group). It quite plainly showed a spanking booth with Candida (another member of your group) spanking someone named J.  

It certainly didn’t look posed. The hand on Julie’s back seemed to keep her the way Candida desired. The doubled-up strap in Candida ‘s hand seems to be quite sternly administering the desired lesson to J’s body. Sorry if I misread your lifestyle.  

Why Barbarism? Thought she was some kind of editor in chief. Would hate to impact her or any of your valuable time for just a spanking by Candida. sorry I misread that your interests are not necessarily in  step with what you publish. How silly of me.  

Interestingly, your comment as to being miffed almost sounds like a hint that I consider being a spankee. I’m quite fat, you know.  

Thoughtfully yours,  

Mt. Prospect, IL  

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An advertisement for a poetry book. Large text over a solid gray backgrounds reads “Elana Dykewomon’s new book of poems ‘Nothing Will Be As Sweet As The Taste’ contains her hit singles ‘the real fat womon poems’ & ‘big belly on the road from reno’ among a ton of scorching work exploring love, sex, and politics. Don’t miss the first new book in over ten years from this terrific dyke, Jewish, fat activist! Even her mother wrote (true quote): ‘few poets are so honest, unpretentious but wonderfully lyrical.’ So check it out– if your local women’s bookstore doesn’t have it, get them to order it (from Inland) today!”]

Big, Bi & En Large  

Hello FaT GiRLs!  

Thanks to Sarah-Katherine for making big beautiful BI women visible! It seems too often that bi women are tolerated but still not accepted in many lesbian communities, mainly for the old myths that bi women are “not lesbian enough,” among other things. Trans (MTF) women are shut out as well because of myths and stereotypes of trans’ experiences.  

However, i would like to make one lee-tle clarification to Sarah-Katherine: Please do not paint all bi women with the same brush. i am bi, and i call myself a dyke (or queer) because it is more inclusive of all non-exclusively straight women/people than “lesbian” or “bi”. Am i not worthy of the word “dyke” because i am bi? Remember, heterosexist ass holes do not stop and ask you if you are a lesbian or bi before they bash/harrass you! (Perhaps in future issues FG will do a round table discussion on this and other bi issues;  les and bi women together, not just les women deciding what to do about the bi women) 

Anyway, regarding the Women en Large “scandal”: i think the term “courageous” is much, MUCH worse than  “outrageous”! “Courageous” implies that all fat women are asexual freaks and that April, just by being her BEAUTIFUL self and expressing her sexuality, is  being “courageous”! Ms. Notkin needs to work on her internalized oppression a little! Maybe a lot! She should just leave in “outrageous” and leave it at that, because no matter how many times/places you change it, and no matter how much you apologize for  it, people will still remember it was there in the first place.  

Big, Bi and Fucking Beautiful,  


P.S. The photos of Katherine in FG#3 are sooo cute!  

Where We Aren’t  

hey Max,  

I am a Fat Girl subscriber and was very pleased to see your challenge in Girlfriends (see page 59). I thought the answer was slippery and noncommittal. I too will get my $.02 in one of these days, between emails. Thank you for your hard work on Fat Girl. I can’t read Radiance anymore, it pales in comparison and is a bit too  

whiney now that I am experiencing a ‘zine that exudes true fat power!  


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photocopied postmarked postcard of a fat light-skinned dyke facing away from the camera wearing a bikini swimsuit on the beach. They have shoulder-length wavy hair. Below their feet is overlaid text that reads “Hawaii.”]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photocopied postcard of a fat light-skinned dyke wearing a large sombrero and a flower in their hair. They are wearing an off-the-shoulder bikini and are posed seductively on a picnic blanket holding a wine glass, with a bottle of wine nearby. To their left is overlaid text that reads “Howdy from… Texas.”] 

Celebrate All Sizes 

Hey FaT GiRL! 

Word UP from a skinny bi-dyke who love, love LOVES your zine! A friend turned me on to it, and boy did you grrrls open my eyes! Those words and pics are sexy, rockin’ and ALIVE! Now I understand the whys and wherefore of being a fat woman in ways I never did, and even how similar– in a way– it is to being dissed sometimes for my size. 


Sometimes I hafta explain to people that yes, I eat three healthy meals a day, as should we all, and I still can’t help being small, ‘coz I was “born that way”… now I want to add, “just like bigger women – we have little control over body SIZE.” I mean, notice how women have vastly different sized tits? Well, the same goes for the rest of our bodies too!

We need to accept and celebrate ALL sizes! (from “petite” to “supersized”)

Count on me as a sistah! 

Big hugs from a Small-Boned Chick, 


Ed., Bi Girl World 

P.S. Dieting SUX– no one should do it! I mean, depriving yourself of food nutrition and pleasure? Does not make sense! 

P.P.S. Please don’t get down on (non-dieting) small women like myself– like you, this is my natural shape, and there ain’t much I can do about it! 

Starving a Fat Dog Daily  

Dear Fat Girls,  

I read your second issue and loved it.  Please sign me up for a subscription. I am over 21 and so is my IQ. I have enclosed  a check with a small donation. You girls deserve it.  

A short comment– My vet was always on my back to get me to starve my luscious Fat Dog, Daily. I followed his suggestions and put poor Daily on diet food. It only  took me one week to change my mind  (read-open my eyes). One week watching  her go from a happy, healthy, and thriving dog to a depressed and tired one. Why should these “radical” ideas apply only to me? She eats much less than my skinny dog, Tucker, anyway. The vet is now an ex-vet.  All you girls out there, don’t starve your furry friends! They deserve to be fat girls, too.  

Kirkland, WA 

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A small black starburst icon.]

FaT GiRL letters policy. We love receiving letters from our women readers. Consent to publish your letter is assumed unless you specify otherwise. Send letters, art, submissions, gifts and money to: Fat Girl, 2215-R Market, #193, San Francisco, CA 94114. And don’t forget, you can send us email at airborne@sirius.com. We do not print letters or submissions from men. Please remember: Fat Girl is a zine for fat dykes and the women who want them.

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