Bo & Chrystos

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Bo & Chrystos
Date(s) of creation:  Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Nadine, Bo Brown, Chrystos, FaT GiRL
Physical description:
A strip of photos on a zine page with two poems
Reference #: FG4-049-BoChrystos
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Bo & Chrystos

photos by Nadine

[image description: A strip of 5 similar black and white photos of Bo & Chrystos sitting cuddled together on a dark couch. Bo is a white, fat, butch dyke with short hair and a short beard and mustache, and wears dark glasses, dark jeans and a tucked-in white tank with an unbuttoned, white and gray striped overshirt. The outline of her belly roll is visible above her jeans, Around her neck is a large pendant in the shape of a labrys, or double-headed axe. Chrystos is an indigenous fat femme with long dark hair, wearing a long, shiny robe. The five photos outlined in black and are stacked vertically, each showing Bo and Chrystos on the couch in slightly different poses. 

  1. In the first photo, Chrystos leans back on the couch facing Bo, pressing her face into Bo’s shoulder, with a hand on Bo’s Chest, She is smiling and looking up at Bo’s face. Bo leans her head to the side where Chrystos sits, and looks at the camera. Her hands are in her lap, one hand holding a coffee mug, the other holding a book. The book has a speech bubble pointing to it that says “In Her I Am” (which is the title of Chrystos’ book of erotic prose-poetry).
  2. In the second photo, Bo and Chrystos face each other and their lips almost touch. Bo has an arm around Chrystos, and the other hand rests on the thigh of her jeans. Chrystos’ hands rest on Bo’s other thigh.
  3. In the third photo, Chrystos and Bo have leaned fully in and are kissing passionately, Bo;s arm is around Chrystos and Chrystos has one hand on Bo’s face and neck, as if pulling Bo in. 
  4. In the fourth photo, Chrystos and Bo are looking at the camera, sticking their tongues out. Chrystos’ head rests on Bo’s shoulder, their faces touching, Their hands touch between Bo’s thighs.
  5. In the final photo, Chrystos rests her head on Bo’s chest, with Bo’s arm around her. Bo holds a coffee mug and a has a book on her lap. They both look at the camera. Chrystos smiles.

    At the bottom of the photos is a label: “Bo & Chrystos, Photos by Nadine.”]