Advice: Ask the Gear Queen

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Ask the Gear Queen
Date(s) of creation:   Issue 4: October 1995
Creator / author / publisher: April Miller, FaT GiRL
Physical description: The page has two columns of text underneath the “Ask the Gear Queen” title and insignia, a cross between a woman and a bird with prominent talons and a crown on her head.
Reference #: FG4-050-GearQueen
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Ask the Gear Queen

a drawing of a harpy, which resembles a mix of a bird and a queen
Image: the Gear Queen insignia, a cross between a woman and a bird with prominent talons and a crown on her head.

Judging by the contents of my ‘in’ box, it appears that my readers have an interest in pack­ing. Well, let me do my poor best to answer all the intriguing questions raised by your charming letters … 

First of all I should mention that there are at least two forms of packing: one which creates a nice bulge to show-off, fondle and rub against (soft packing). and another (hard packing) which is–in addi­tion to all of the above uses–insertable. 

Soft packing has a (probably infinite) variety of forms, but the basics are easy. Put on a close-fitting pair of undies, briefs, or a jock­strap, stuff the groin to create an appropriate bulge, and voila! You’re ready to go. 

Hard packing requires more in the way of equipment (namely, a dildo and some form of harness), but the technique is similar to that of soft packing. Insert the dildo into the harness and put them on, then “banana curve” the dildo up to fit into a jock strap. etc.. or tilt it down to ride along your leg under boxers or jeans. 

Of course, things can get a lot more complicated. 

For both hard and soft packing, expect to spend some time work­ing out a combination of underwear, cock, and clothes that feels ok to you. It is common to wear some form of underwear under whatever you are packing, and not uncommon to wear two layers of underwear over it. Try briefs/stuffed jock/boxers, or briefs/dildo and harness/briefs/jeans and change whatever doesn’t work for you. 

If you are packing hard, you might want to consider packing a smaller dick than you might ordinarily use for fucking, as larger items are harder to manage when they’re stuffed down your pants leg. (They’re also a lot easier to give head to, but we weren’t talking about that.) However, do keep in mind that action between fat bodies some­times requires extra length, what with bellies (and butts) bumping. If the look of a harness ruins the mood for you, try wearing a pair of men’s fly-front briefs over the harness and pulling your hard-on through the fly when you’re ready for action. 

Speaking of action, a lot of girls say that a snug-fitting pair of button-fly jeans make “the best harness I’ve ever used.” Just open the fly all the way, put your dildo at the bottom of the opening with its base/balls resting on your pubes and the shaft thrusting forward, and button the jeans as far as you can. (This is a good moment to switch to a different dildo if you’re into that sort of thing.) I hear that this method gives you lots of control, plus nicely targeted er. .. stimulation from the base of the dildo.

If you are packing soft plan to experiment with the material you use for stuffing. I’ve heard of women using all sorts of things–from realistic medical prostheses to candy bars (’cause Snickers really satisfies). Just remember that you’re looking for a combination that is secure. comfortable. and unobtrusive. You want girls to notice the bulge, not the noises it makes when you move or how it looks as it falls onto the floor. 

If you are looking for something more realistic than socks, you can make your own cock and balls by carving them out of heavy-duty foam, or by following these instructions: 

Cock: Take an unlubricated condom without a reservoir tip (say, Trojans in the orange box), fill it with hair goop (like Dep) until the size seems right, tie it off like a balloon, and roll and tie another con­dom or two over it for leak protection. 

Balls: Follow the same procedure as for the cock, but make two considerably smaller balls. Don’t worry about getting them to be identical sizes; balls tend to be naturally asymmetrical. 

Assembly: Cut up a pair of tights and use them to cover/encase your cock and balls. (This involves sewing by hand, which–while it doesn’t have to be neat–needs to be carefully done to avoid punctur­ing holes in the condoms.) 

The set I examined used the stocking and stitching to create some beautiful naturalistic details. The stocking was lightly stretched around the cock and stitched to form a small ridge on the underside of the shaft. This stitching ended about one inch below the head of the cock. and the final stitches were used to secure a tuck of fabric that was about one inch deep on the top side of the cock, and faded to nothing underneath. (This tuck is hard to describe, but well worth try­ing to achieve, as it allows you to perfect the look of a circumcised or uncircumcised penis according to whether you roll it up or down.) The balls were stitched into a separate unit (with some light stitching between them to define the shape) and then the two units were stitched together with the cock appropriately positioned above the balls and the extra fabric at the top forming a small, firmly construct­ed loop which could be used to hold the works to your body by using a waist-sized piece of elastic. 

Since I don’t usually pack I made a set that I wore to a FaT GiRL staff meeting, where I passed it around for opinions. It was such a hit that it didn’t come home with me! (What greater recommendation could there possibly be than the fact that someone developed such a rela­tionship with the cock-and-balls that she couldn’t leave without them? I had to give it to her.) 

Have fun, 

—The Gear Queen

P.S. Just in case you were wondering if femmes can pack, I thought I’d let you know that I made myself another set. I rather like wander­ing about with a dick under my skirt. —G.Q 

Special thanks to Terry S.