Poem by Osa Shade

Title: [untitled. First line: In my dreams]
Date(s) of creation: February 1995
Creator / author / publisher: Osa Shade
Physical description: single zine page with printed poetry and illustration, printed in black and white 
Reference #: FG2-016
Links: [ PDF ]

In my dreams I have two daughters
we are free of men’s entrapments
like wolves and dolphins endangered but free
I am not mother or father but bear of shade
An Amazon does what must be done to protect her young
Six pounds of breast weigh less than my heart
I cannot love without my heart I cannot live inside this rage
Bound in a cage of whiteman law and liars games come with me
Family Values mean I love you and my daughters unconditionally
No ties that they can see not blood or law or matrimony
amazon alien warrior love uses the means at hand
six pounds of breast of breast equals six ounces of prick
a dickless dyke becomes a legal man
What do i want only to love our family
protect the girls and drink your blood
to heal the wounds

by Osa Shade

[Image description
A block-print like black and white artwork that pictures a Medusa god/goddess figure naked and squatting, teeth bared, breasts hanging, vulva out, hands up, with snake-like hair. 
Artwork by Selena.]