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You Can’t Say That!

Charlotte Cooper on the censorship of her book, “Fat & Proud.”


News compiled by Sondra Solo and Max Airborne

The Trick

Smut by JJ Cooley

FaT GiRL #4, October, 1995

FaT GiRL #4 Cover

Cover page of FaT GiRL #4


Letters from FaT GIRL readers

FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

4 Big Girls: Around the Table Review

Review of a 1994 performance by 4 Big Girls.

by Barbarism
from FaT GiRL #2, February, 1995

FaT GiRL #1, October, 1994

What’s Inside…

The table of contents and the masthead from FaT GiRL issue #1.